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Rifugio Pian dei ciclamini

New, spacious and easy to reach

About this place

In the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park, precisely in Pian dei Ciclamini, stands the refuge of the same name, which reopened its doors in 2022 to tourists, visitors, cyclists and explorers, who want to enjoy the beauty of these places. The facility is very large and can accommodate large groups as well as families or couples in the private rooms. The Pian dei Ciclamini is run by the former managers of the De Gasperi refuge, an experienced and well-established team of Friulian mountain lovers and connoisseurs. The lodge is home to various music, educational and sports events aimed at everyone.

Why visit it


Spacious and renovated

The refuge has recently been renovated, but there are still many new features being prepared by the new management, including reception, events and educational trails. The facility allows for so many ideas by having ample space for both refreshments and overnight stays.


It can be reached by car

To enjoy a day in the fresh air and the shelter’s excellent cuisine, one can drive directly to Pian dei Ciclamini. This makes it accessible to everyone, but it does not mean that there are no trails in the area; on the contrary, there are many with different levels of difficulty.


The team of the former De Gasperi

Those who stayed at the De Gasperi hut until 2022 will have no doubt about the quality of hospitality at Pian dei Ciclamini. The entire team has moved here with its established experience, passion for the mountains and lodge life, and that of good food.


In the southern part of the Julian Pre-Alps Nature Park lies the Pian dei ciclamini, in the peace of which this refuge stands. Although the structure faces the street, silence, interspersed with the sounds of nature, characterizes this place. In fact, the hut is surrounded by forests, and on the sunny forecourt the atmosphere is placid and relaxed. All this is complemented by the mountainous setting of the Musi Mountains, which tower above the refuge.

Itineraries and routes

Countless routes start from the refuge that can be taken by experienced or inexperienced people.

Easier ones include the Pian dei Ciclamini Nature Trail, the walk along the old cross-country trail, and the Musi Valley Nature Trail, which leads to Borgo Simaz.

More challenging are the climb up Gran Monte, which is part of the “Heavenly Path”; the Carnizza saddle loop; the partly equipped climb to the Brollo bivouac; the Tanamea Pass; and Via Alpina. Climbing walls can also be found in the area.

In the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park, you can also visit the famous Villanova Caves, an unparalleled experience.


The Pian dei Ciclamini shelter has 48 total beds divided into triple rooms and two dormitories with bunk beds. The shelter has an elevator and facilities equipped for people with disabilities. Campervans are welcome and can stay nearby free of charge, as can campers.
There are many MTB trails in this area, and the park and Upper Torre Valley attract many bikers, including at the Motoraduno on Mt. Bernadia.

Opening period

The Pian dei Ciclamini shelter is open daily from early June to early October and on some weekends or holidays, at the discretion of the managers. We recommend following the shelter’s Facebook page or contacting the managers to find out when it is open.


Interiors and rooms

The Pian dei Ciclamini shelter has three floors. The living area is located on the ground floor where there is a dining room, a conference room hosting temporary exhibitions, and a multipurpose room also prepared for workshop activities with children. The sleeping area on the second and third floors has 48 total beds. Places are spread over 8 triple rooms and 2 dormitories of 12 places with bunk beds.

Private rooms also allow couples to stay together and have a courtesy set of sheets and towels and electric kettle. The shelter and facilities are accessible to people with disabilities, and the upper floors can be reached by elevator.


The mountain hut's kitchen

The cuisine at Pian dei ciclamini respects the culinary tradition of Friuli and offers local dishes strictly prepared in house. Recipes are handed down from generation to generation and made with zero-mile products grown in the garden or with field herbs harvested near the lodge. Unsurpassed are the ravioli filled with formadi frant and walnuts, the flans with sclopit, the tagliatelle with orsino garlic, the toç in braide, the capsules with greaves, and the polenta cooked in the cauldron.


The park and the trails

The Pian dei Ciclamini refuge is located in the heart of the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park, close to the walls of the Musi Mountains. The area is forested and has many trails of varying difficulty, some suitable for families, others for experienced hikers. In the vicinity of the hut there are 3 trails, accessible to all and very interesting from a naturalistic point of view.

The Pian dei Ciclamini Nature Trail is 0.6 km long, has no elevation gain and is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs for the disabled. The trail is equipped with educational panels, also written in Braille, describing the environment, flora and fauna. The Musi Valley Nature Trail has an elevation gain of about 200 m and makes it possible to reach the village of Simaz in about 2 hours.

The Old Cross-Country Trail is located in front of the hut, is 7 km long, and is entirely flat. It can also be traveled by bicycle.

Getting there

Rifugio Pian dei Ciclamini is located in the municipality of Lusevera, on the road from Pradielis to Slovenia. This is a simple and well-maintained regional road that is also suitable for cyclists and campers.
The shelter has a large and convenient parking lot.


There is no telephone coverage near the shelter, but the shelter does have a Wi-Fi network for those staying there.

The managers moved to the Pian dei Ciclamini from the De Gasperi hut, where they gained a great deal of experience, always appreciated by visitors.

The renovation was started in 2022. The shelter is fully operational today, but work continues because the managers have many surprises in store.

Contact the shelter

Through this section you can contact the Pian dei Ciclamini Rifugio directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal and overnight reservation other information. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Pian dei Ciclamini Rifugio
Loc. Pian dei Ciclamini
33010 Lusevera (UD)

Manager: Simone Gonano

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