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Mountain huts in
Friuli Venezia GIulia

November to March / June to September

What to expect

Visiting mountain huts in Friuli Venezia Giulia means admiring unique landscapes, walking among forests and peaks, breathing pure air, tasting local mountain food, observing high-altitude fauna and flora, and getting away from the stress of everyday life.

Mountain shelters in Friuli Venezia Giulia are often placed at low or medium altitudes, but they also reach up to 2100 meters. Many mountain huts can only be reached on foot, some by car, and some by cable car. Overnight accommodation is in dormitories or, in some facilities, in double rooms. The use of a sleeping bag is mandatory in the mountain huts .

Summer opening: June – September
Summer is the season in which rifugi are open daily and offer maximum hospitality and services to hikers. Depending on weather and temperatures, opening may be earlier and closing may be delayed.
Winter opening: November – March
In winter, only a few rifugi remain open, generally those near ski lifts or those at not-too-high altitudes that are easily accessible. Depending on the location and type of shelter, they may be open daily or only on weekends.

Open in winter

164 reviews

Rifugio Pradut

Pradut is a newly established mountain hut that is located in a beautiful panoramic position on the northern slope of Mt. Resettum. The refuge is open all year round and can be reached in about 2.5 to 3 hours either on foot or by mountain bike.

255 reviews

Nordio Rifugio

The Nordio Deffar is a modern lodge that is much visited for its good food, because it can be reached by a short walk, and because of the possibility of making hikes of considerable interest.

922 reviews

Zacchi Rifugio

Rifugio Zacchi is a classic and unmissable hike, enjoyable in both summer and winter, thanks in part to its proximity to the Fusine lakes.


Rifugio Gilberti

At 1850 m, among white limestone rocks, stands the Gilberti hut. From here he can admire one of the most striking karst landscapes with various trails available for hiking enthusiasts.

924 reviews

Pian dei Ciclamini Rifugio

In the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park, precisely in Pian dei Ciclamini, stands the refuge of the same name, which reopened its doors in 2022 to tourists, visitors, cyclists and explorers, who want to enjoy the beauty of these places.

661 reviews

Rifugio Pelizzo

The Pelizzo hut is located 1320 m above sea level on Mount Matajur and is conveniently accessible by car, or on foot from the hamlet of Mersino by walking through woods and meadows.

164 reviews

Rifugio Monte Ferro

The Monte Ferro refuge is certainly one of the most striking places in the Sappada landscape and among the most beloved and celebrated places in the area.

336 reviews

Rifugio Gortani

The Gortani is a lovely retreat, appreciated by visitors for the friendliness of Angela and Mauro, who run it “the old-fashioned way,” caring about customer relations and creating a homelike, family environment.

206 reviews

Solarie Rifugio

The Solarie refuge is located in Drenchia, a village on the border between Italy and Slovenia. The surrounding areas are rich in history; you can follow fortifications and trenches from the Great War, which can be visited in all seasons.


Rifugio Kugy

The Julius Kugy Alpine House hut is conveniently located in the center of Valbruna and offers the possibility of dining or stopping to sleep within walking distance of the services offered by the Val Saisera area.

150 reviews

Rifugio Fornas

April 2022 saw the opening of this brand new lodge, which takes its example from the pre-existing establishments in Friuli Venezia Giulia and adds a modern touch to it, but without forgetting tradition.

168 reviews

Eimblatribm Rifugio

This small, cozy lodge is located in the Sauris Valley. It is a family-run lodge and has a large terrace with forest views in which to enjoy local cuisine and products.

703 reviews

Rifugio Premuda

At 82 m high, the Premuda refuge in Trieste is the lowest in all of Italy. The small refuge, founded in 1933 by a Trieste section of CAI, stands on the left bank of the Rosandra stream.

Open from December 26 to January 7
351 reviews

Rifugio di Brazzà

The Giacomo di Brazzà refuge is well known because it is located in the middle of the meadows of the Montasio plateau, one of the most beautiful places in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The refuge is very close to the road and allows easy family visits.

Open from 29 December to 7 January
294 reviews

Rifugio 2000

Admiring the Sappada valley and the Dolomite panorama from the terrace of Refuge 2000 is an indelible memory for those passing through or staying in the area. The hut is an excellent base for a day trip to the Olbe Lakes or Mount Lastroni.

Open from 29 December to 7 January
119 reviews

Rifugio Casera Tartoi

Casera Tartoi is a beautiful, recently renovated mountain hut in a magnificent panoramic position in the Friulian Dolomites. Management is family-oriented. Roberta, Sebastiano and Girolamo are passionate about welcoming visitors and offer home cooking.

Closed during the winter season

253 reviews

Rifugio Pellarini

Pellarini is one of the most important rifugi in the Julian Alps, thanks to its unparalleled views, beautiful access path, hospitality and, finally, from a mountaineering point of view.

314 reviews

Pordenone Refuge

This refuge stands at the roots of Val Montanaia, surrounded by the Friulian Dolomites, isolated among the mountains and almost lost in time. It is the starting point for excursions to the Val Montanaia bell tower.

309 reviews

Rifugio Giaf

The Giaf shelter is managed in a modern and innovative way by Thomas, Alexander and Mark. The three boys are travelers and dreamers and have brought their international spirit to this retreat. Visitors find themselves in a youthful and multicultural environment that is also warm and welcoming.

436 reviews

Rifugio Marinelli

The Marinelli hut stands at an elevation of 2122 m, nestled in the greenery of Carnia on the slopes of Mount Coglians, the highest peak in Friuli Venezia Giulia and one of the most sought-after by hikers.

424 reviews

Rifugio Calvi

The Calvi hut stands on a rocky ledge at an elevation of 2164 meters. Already spotting it from the trailhead, it appears as an eagle’s nest built on the rock. From the top, the view of the peaks is exceptional and dizzying.

162 reviews

Rifugio De Gasperi

The unmistakable Fratelli De Gasperi Rifugio with its red windows is one of the most beautiful in Friuli Venezia Giulia, standing on a panoramic meadow terrace and dominating the landscape of the rugged Pesarine Dolomites with its imposing 5-story structure.

427 reviews

Rifugio Piani del Cristo

Piani del Cristo is a very quaint little restaurant-refuge with a porch where you can have lunch while enjoying the fresh air of the Sesis Valley. Reachable by car.

786 reviews

Rifugio Sorgenti del Piave

The Sorgenti del Piave refuge rises in the Carnic Alps, in the Sesis Valley, on the slopes of Mount Peralba; specifically, the evocative name makes it clear that it is located near the Source of the Piave River.

298 reviews

Rifugio Grego

The Grego hut is the perfect choice for enjoying the Saisera Valley forest and the beautiful landscape of the Julian Alps. It can be reached in one hour from Malga Saisera or in 10 minutes from Sella Sompdogna.

323 reviews

Rifugio Chiampizzulon

In the midst of a dense fir forest, in a small clearing less than an hour’s walk from the Piani di Vas in Rigolato, is the Chiampizzulon refuge. The refuge is a destination for many walkers and cyclists.

298 reviews

Rifugio Casera Mela

To visit Refugio Casera Mela is to discover a refuge that is very different from others, scenically, in terms of its history, and in terms of the uniqueness of the casera itself. Casera Mela is located at the beginning of Val Zemola, at 1178 m.

518 reviews

Rifugio Tolazzi

The Tolazzi refuge is a crossroads of trails to wonderful places including Mount Coglians, Lake Volaia, and other rifugi and malghe.

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