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Fortifications, towers, feudal lords or stately homes, courtyards and drawing rooms, all that is called to mind by the word castle. No one can contain their excitement upon seeing a castle perched on a peak, and everyone’s imagination is stimulated as they reenact feasts, ladies and squires. The castles in Friuli Venezia Giulia have all this. Explore them!

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Castello di Miramare

The castle stands magnificently over the Gulf of Trieste, perfectly preserved and restored. At its foot, a parterre of perfect geometries leads to the 22-hectare park, the pride, as well as the Castle, of the city of Trieste and its inhabitants.

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Duino Castle

The castle rises above the gulf, and from the tower you can see the sea and the lush greenery surrounding it. It dates back to the 14th century and has always been the home of noble families. Since 2003, it has been open to the public and almost entirely open for tours.

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Castello Ceconi

Ceconi Castle stands in the fairy-tale Ceconi Forest in Pielungo, Arzino Valley, and is a magnificent neo-Gothic manor house with Art Nouveau elements. It is possible to admire it from the park that can be freely accessed.

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Valdajer Castle

Valdajer Castle is sure to remain etched in memory. Its yellow color contrasts with the surrounding nature, and the feeling is to catch a glimpse of a small jewel among the mountains.

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Castello di Spessa

This castle is located right in the middle of the magical Collio area, among harmonious hills and fine vineyards. Since the 1200s, numerous lineages have inhabited it.


Castello di Cordovado

Cordovado is a delightful village that seems to have stopped in medieval times. The fortified village is enclosed by a wall circuit and is protected by a large moat that still exists today.

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