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Waterfalls in
Friuli Venezia Giulia

Ideal period: spring - summer - autumn

What to expect

The wild force of nature creating a unique spectacle of water, air and rock. The Friuli region is rich in picturesque corners where a rare sight can be admired: waterfalls. In the midst of the magical and unspoilt nature of Friuli Venezia Giulia, waterfalls of varying heights gush forth, some better known, others less so, sometimes because they are more difficult to reach. Hidden waterfalls in the middle of the woods, jumps that alternate with streams or deep erosion pools, waterfalls above emerald pools that become oases of relaxation.

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Cascata di Val Rosandra

The Rosandra Valley is a reserve on the border with Slovenia, cut in two by the Rosandra stream. The view of the waterfall plunging from 35 meters is very impressive. The rock wall where he is standing seems to be split in two by his leap.

65 opinions

Cascate della Cukula

The Cukula Falls Nature Trail is a beautiful trail from the village of Platischis to the village of Prossenico. The trail allows you to visit the 3 waterfalls, the last of which is the Cukula waterfall itself.

29 opinions

Cascata Fuas

The waterfall appears unexpectedly in a small clearing in the middle of the forest. It is reached after an easy 20-minute walk from the parking lot, near the village of Pesariis. The view of the waterfall in the middle of the forest is very impressive.

371 opinions

Cascate di Kot

Kot Falls is a small naturalistic gem. Tucked away in the forest but easily reached by a short walk from the road, they are a suitable destination for all hikers, families and children.

886 opinions

Cascatelle di Sappada

On the outskirts of Sappada, there is a simple but interesting path of small bridges, wooden footbridges and steps that follows 15 waterfalls along a high, winding canyon. It is only 20 minutes long and is also suitable for small children.

234 opinions

Cascate Val D'Arzino

In this place there is not just one big waterfall but a spectacular succession of small waterfalls that run through the gorge and seem to chase each other, divide and reunite, foaming down or sliding fast over the rock.

1377 opinions

Fontanon of Goriuda

One of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in Friuli. Water from the Canin massif, after numerous underground canyons, comes out of this waterfall with a spectacular 36-meter drop.

267 opinions

Pozze smeraldine

The Smeraldine Pools in Tramonti di Sopra are beautiful, unspoiled natural pools that were formed on the course of the Meduna stream among white limestone rocks.

126 opinions

Cascate Gemelle

One of the characteristics of this place is the easy path that leads to the Twin Falls in just five minutes. The short but scenic walk through the forest introduces you to this wild clearing, where green is the dominant color.

24 opinions

Cascata Cadramazzo

The Cadramazzo waterfall is 85 m high, but when admiring it from a distance, the viewer has the impression of seeing two separate waterfalls. The short walk allows you to enjoy a rare and wild naturalistic view.

129 opinions

Cascata Rio Repepeit

Following the path and crossing the Roman bridge, two waterfalls are encountered, the first of which is already visible under the arch of the bridge itself. The two waterfalls are different from each other, but both very distinctive.

226 opinions

Cascata di Salino

At 30 meters high, this waterfall is among the highest in Friuli. The water coming from the Rio Roia, suddenly poking out of the rocks and vegetation, leaving the passerby speechless.

693 opinions

Cascate di Crosis

The Crosis waterfalls, named after the dam of the same name on the Torre torrent, are located in the Tarcento area and are a much-loved and popular spot for locals seeking refreshment and relaxation during the summer months.

5 opinions

Cascata di Portis

The so-called Portis waterfall, or the Pissanda stream waterfall, is hidden in the greenery near the village of Portis and gushes out impetuously not far from the entrance to the World War II bunker.

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