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Gorges in
Friuli Venezia Giulia

Opening period: June - September

What to expect

Who could imagine that deep canyons could be explored in Friuli Venezia Giulia? In fact, there are many picturesque gorges that people can visit in a few hours on a sunny day.

For families

Some of these ravines can be explored as a family, on safe and easy routes that allow you to enjoy a landscape that is incomparable and unlike any other: a view from inside, from deep within a gorge in the rock, or overlooked by the walls of a ravine.

For experts

Other ravines are usable by more experienced people or accompanied by nature guides because they may have exposed spots or because they require specific equipment.

In any case, the chance to admire the sky from the bottom of a gorge is an unparalleled sight.

Explorer FVG reviews

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Forra di Pradis

The caves and gorge of Pradis include a whole area to be discovered, where suggestive glimpses are concealed in every ravine, immersing oneself in a wonderful natural stage carved out by the waters over the millennia.

69 opinions

Forra del Cellina

Through the Old Valcellina Road, it is possible to admire the gorge in all its grandeur. The road can be traveled on foot, by bicycle, or via the little train on which you can ride to enjoy the route in peace while listening to an audio guide.

1378 opinions

Orrido dello Slizza

The Slizza gorge is a beautiful scenic route surrounded by nature. This is a deep gorge but usable by all through an easy path skimming the rock face consisting of convenient footbridges.

61 opinions

Forra di Vinadia

To cross the Vinadia Gorge is to enter a canyon of rare beauty, impervious and wild, almost untouched. The gorge has walls as high as 200 meters; the path is a continuous succession of waterfalls, cascades and crystal clear pools.

25 opinions

Forra del Cjanevate

At Cavazzo Carnico, just a few minutes from the road, hides the Buse dai Pagans, the gorge of the Cjanevate stream, overlooked at 15 meters high by a bridge tunnel, part of a nearby military fortification. It is not a path suitable for everyone.

little known

Las Calas

Las Calas Gorge is a deep gorge, with walls nearly 200 meters high, carved into the rock by the millennial action of water. The gorge can be visited by experienced hikers thanks to a path carved into the stone and equipped with a steel cable.

23 opinions

Forra del Bordaglia

The gorge consists of a 200-meter path with an elevation gain of about 60 meters. The visit is short, but the view of the rushing waters is splendid and exciting. Uneven path.

3 opinions

Forra di Val Colvera

The Colvera Gorge, near Maniago, is an easy route on a paved road along the course of the stream of the same name. The route leads through high limestone walls and emerald pools that the stream has carved over millennia.

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