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Lakes of
Friuli Venezia Giulia

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About this place

There are a large number of lakes of different origins in Friuli Venezia Giulia: lakes formed by the inflow of water from streams or from underground aquifers, lakes of glacial origin fed by melting snow, and artificial lakes surrounded by mountains and forests. Some are hidden remote among the mountains; others allow beautiful walks along the lake; still others are bathing, equipped for sunbathing or canoeing and various sports activities. Each lake in Friuli is a unique experience waiting to be discovered.

Natural lakes

Among the most interesting lakes and natural basins are Cavazzo Lake, Predil Lake, Fusine Lakes, Ragogna Lake, Cornino Lake, and Avostanis Lake. Some of these are alpine lakes of glacial origin.

Artificial lakes

Reservoirs include Lake Barcis, Lake Sauris, and Lake Verzegnis. In the region we can also admire one of the few karst lakes in Europe, Lake Doberdò.

Natural lakes

Lago di Doberdò

37 opinions

Lago Dimon


Laghi d'Olbe

18 opinions
806 opinions

Lago del Predil

442 opinions

Lago di Cornino

1182 opinions

Laghi di Fusine

Lago Avostanis

43 opinions

Lago Volaia

114 opinions

Lago di Cavazzo

1284 opinions

Lago di Bordaglia

74 opinions

Lago di Ragogna

184 opinions

Sorgente del Gorgazzo


The reservoirs

Lago di Sauris

262 opinions

Lago di Barcis

1045 opinions

Lago di Redona

297 opinions

Lago di Verzegnis

206 opinions

Lago di Bordano

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The guided tour includes a fascinating 1.3km walking tour inside the mine and lasts about an hour.

This guided tour will take you through its streets, among the ancient excavations of the Roman Forum, the necropolis, the impressive vestiges of its ancient river port and the basilica.

An excursion to discover the territory in areas that are today picturesque and full of vineyards but steeped in many stories to tell: the plain between Gorizia and Gradisca d’Isonzo. Upon returning from the excursion, there will also be an opportunity to taste 4 local wines accompanied by cold cuts and cheeses at the Turus winery.

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