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Shepherd's Huts in
Friuli Venezia Giulia

Opening period: June - September

What to expect

A Friulian setting in which alpine dairy farmers have always raised dairy cows and produced the typical cheeses. Going up to the malga means getting lost in the green, in contact with nature, with flowers, insects, animals. In Friuli Venezia Giulia there is the opportunity to visit many malghe, most of which can be reached by car via winding mountain roads. You can admire the different breeds of cattle, learn about the tools of the dairyman, and taste malga products. There is almost always an agritourism in the malghe, and in some malghe it is possible to stay overnight, taking part in the life of the malga and its rhythms, to fully experience it together with its inhabitants: the shepherd, the herdsman, and the dairyman.

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Malga Morareto

Malga Morareto is a beautiful and well-equipped malga easily accessible from the Tolazzi hut on foot in 45 min, by mtb/e-bike in 15 min or by car.


Malga Coot

Nestled in the Julian Pre-Alps Nature Park is Malga Coot, solitary and surrounded by forests, meadows and cows. From the parking lot it is about a 15-20 minute walk.


Malga Montasio

Malga Montasio is a site of community interest and is famous for the production of its namesake cheese. It rises in the heart of the Montasio Plateau, surrounded by vast pastures in the frame of the Julian Alps.


Malga Priu

A touch of design and modernity identifies this malga that has been able to enhance the natural heritage in which it is located and transform it into what are innovative and luxurious accommodations to experience forest bathing.


Malga Cuar

At malga Cuar, lovingly run by herdsman Roberto and his staff, you will find a no-nonsense welcome of hard-working people who manage livestock, alpine pastures and hospitality.


Casera Casavento

Casera Casavento is an malga known and appreciated for its excellent food and the tranquility of being in the middle of a pasture, but not only that, from this hut we can follow the footsteps of a dinosaur.


Malga Confin

The environment is perfectly organized, the managers are friendly and welcoming, and they enchant visitors with their stories and their love for this land.


Malga Lavareit

Malga Lavareit is among the best destinations for those seeking an oasis of serenity, easy to reach but without compromising on the beauty of the landscape.


Malga Glazzat

Malga Glazzat is an unforgettable experience for every visitor. This is because the casera is in a jaw-droppingly panoramic location.


Malga Pramosio

Malga Pramosio is an alpine malga particularly well known and appreciated for its surrounding landscape, ample parking, agritourism, and its own production of malga cheese.


Malga Zermula

Malga Zermula is an easy-to-access casera by car or on foot, accessible to all and with options for refreshments or overnight stays. The malga stands on a beautiful, scenic plateau, which is in the sun beat until sunset.


Malga Cason di Lanza

Casera Cason di Lanza is located at 1552 m, on the Cason di Lanza Pass, an alpine pass on the slopes of Mount Zermula. It is a somewhat unique malga in that it has a farmhouse and also serves as a lodge.


Malga Cuarnan

Malga Cuarnan is a delightful alpine hut in the Carnic and Julian Pre-Alps, easily accessible to all. The malga is not only known for good food, but also for those who want to climb to the top of Cuarnan Mountain and reach the Little Redeemer Church.

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