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Pozze Smeraldine

A corner of paradise in Friuli

About this place

The Smeraldine Pools in Tramonti di Sopra are beautiful, unspoiled natural pools that were formed on the course of the Meduna stream among white limestone rocks. The place is magical, and it is enchanting to visit it during off-peak times because it is able to convey its peace and fill the eyes with its beauty. In this corner of paradise, nature is reflected in the crystal-clear water, which glows with its deep green, so verdant it seems alive.

Why visit them


The surrounding landscape

The scenery is truly spectacular, and, especially by going there early in the morning or in the off-season, one can fully enjoy the grace of nature, the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, and the flipping of fish.


The little beaches

From the scenic trail, which it is advisable to walk all the way, you can descend through easy passages on the riverbed where you can lie in the sun with your family and dare to step into the icy water with your feet.


The color of water

The color of these pools intoxicates; they are so green and clear that on a hot day one cannot resist their crystalline lure. One might even regret it; the water in the Meduna is really icy.

Features and route

From the parking lot, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the riverbed. From here the scenic trail begins. It is recommended to take it and not to descend immediately to the creek bed because the pools are more impressive seen from the trail, from which you can still easily descend in many places.

The trail is beautiful, winding through greenery and providing 180-degree views of the puddles. As we proceed, from meter to meter, the view is always different and only many photo shots would be able to hold the beauty of the place.

The total walk, from the parking lot, takes less than an hour but you may choose to continue to Ciul Lake, which is a couple of hours away.

No refreshment areas or toilets are provided along the trail to the emerald pools, as the area is a protected natural heritage site. At the beginning of the trail, however, you can fill your water bottles at Sorgent dala Sgurlina.

The roadbed is dirt so appropriate footwear and clothing are recommended, but don’t forget a bathing suit and towel if you don’t fear the frigid waters of the Meduna.

Other interesting things to see

The Smeraldine Pools are located in an exceptional setting, the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park, which is extremely rich in terms of nature and landscape. The protected area of the park is vast, and in the Tramontina Valley, where the pools are located, there are many other hikes to caves, lakes, suspended footbridges, and scenic trails.

Other places can be discovered in the area surrounding the pools, which will make the visit more enjoyable and alternative. On the paved road that leads from the parking lot to the puddle trail, veer left and you will encounter an old mill, maintained in perfect condition and still working. Successivamente, lungo il sentiero, si può ammirare un’antica fornace di calce.

After finishing the scenic path to the pools, near the wooden bridge, there is a beautiful waterfall to discover. For the more experienced there is the possibility of continuing to Lake Ciul, passing through the ruins of the village of Frassaneit. From the lake, one can also defy the fear of heights and cross the Selis Suspended Footbridge located not far away.

getting there and parking

From Meduno take SR552 to Tramonti di Sopra.

Leave your car in the village in the large parking lot for the emerald pools: €1/h, €5/all day. From there, continue walking on the paved road for about 20 minutes, following the signs to the pools. Along the way, on the left you can detour to see the mill or refresh yourself in the cafe set up there.

The beginning of the trail is marked, and from there begins the path along the river to Ciul Lake.


Emerald puddles are a pleasant, easy excursion suitable for everyone. As a result, the place can be crowded, and although the area is large and there is room for everyone, it is recommended to visit on weekdays and during off-peak times.

Yes, bathing is allowed. The water is crystal clear and inviting, but it is icy cold, and only the hardened will have the courage to face it.

Yes, the area is endemic for ticks. Accordingly, it is recommended to avoid walking in tall grass and to control yourself once you return home.

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