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Rifugio Eimblatribm

Miro's, in the woods of Sauris

About this place

This small, cozy lodge is located in the Sauris Valley and is just over an hour’s walk from the town. Particularly impressive is getting there by mtb or e-bike. It is a family-run shelter, carried on by Miro and his wife Maria with the help of their son Antonio. It boasts a large terrace with a forest view, in which to enjoy local cuisine and products. Its location makes it particularly attractive because, on the one hand, it is surrounded by green forests while, on the other, it allows it to be easily reached from Sauris either on foot, by electric bike, or directly by car.

Why visit it


Ideal for hiking

The lodge’s location makes it ideal for use as a base for a day of outdoor activities surrounded by nature. There are a variety of trails that start from the hut and are passable on foot or by mountain bike.


Near sauris

Sauris is a quaint, ancient village nestled in the Alps. It is rich in history, landscapes and typical culinary products. Its proximity to the Eimblatribm refuge makes this area a winning combination for spending a weekend between nature and tradition.


Miro and family

This lodge is run with love and dedication by owner Miro, spouse Maria and son Antonio. We were impressed by their dedication, values, respect for nature and the way they carry on this family business in an environment to be preserved.


The landscape is characterized by mountains and green valleys covered with forests. A multitude of trails branch off in the surrounding area, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding nature. The refuge is located exactly in the middle of four other valleys (including Tagliamento Valley and Pesarina Valley), making it an excellent base from which to explore this area of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Not far away is Lake Sauris, a reservoir formed following the construction of the dam of the same name, completed in 1948. It is a striking stretch of blue water that makes the local landscape even more fascinating.

Itineraries and routes

The Eimblatribm hut is an excellent base from which to explore the surrounding area thanks to several trails, including:

  • Hinterdolbe Stables
    Trail that provides an excellent view of Lake Sauris. It is entered by continuing on the forest road that passes near the hut. Past the Frumeibn Fork, at Hinterdolbe, we reach the area of the stavoli (typical stables). Walking time: about 2.15 hours
  • Mount Olbe scenic loop trail
    Walking time: about 2.20 hours
  • Scheanalaite
    Walking time: about 2.15 hours

As an alternative to hiking, you can also decide to rent an e-bike from Sauris di Sotto, reach the Eimblatribm hut and then continue along the forest road or alternative trails that wind through the surrounding nature.


In the lodge you can enjoy family and traditional cuisine, prepared by Maria with local dishes and products. Vegetables are often harvested in the surrounding woods depending on the season. The shelter offers 10 beds and hot water for showering, heated with a traditional wood-fired boiler.

Opening period

Open daily from June to September. Unlike other rifugi, it remains open in the winter months but only on weekends.

The Sauris Valley

The Sauris Valley is considered one of the most amazing places in Carnia.

It is surrounded by green mountains, forests, pastures, gorges and at its center is the famous Sauris Lake. This area is characterized by a Germanic dialect, which spread during the Middle Ages by travelers from Carinthia and Tyrol.

In addition to these special features, there are also the typical products of Sauris, especially speck and craft beer.

Getting there

The hut is easily reached from Sauris di Sotto, driving along the forest road and following the signs to the hut. It can be reached on foot, by car or, for two-wheelers, by e-bikes that can be rented in the village.

Timelines for reaching the refuge from Sauris di Sotto are as follows:

  • By car: 15-20 minutes (with a little care)
  • Walking: about 1 hour from City Hall
  • By e-bike: 30-45 minutes from rental


A particularly  difficult name to pronounce and remember. Derived from the Germanic dialect typical of this area. On some maps it is written as “Emblà de Ribm” translated into Italian as “Area beside the landslide.”

Yes, this shelter can also be visited during winter and spring, from October to May, but only on weekends. The winter opening allows snowshoers to depart from Sauris di Sotto and reach the hut through the magical snowy forest.

With beaten and sufficiently wide trails, the area lends itself to mountain biking and pedal-assisted bikes. E-bikes can be rented for the entire day in Sauris di Sotto.

Contact the Eimblatribm shelter.

Through this section you can contact the Eimblatribm shelter directly. The shelter does not have an email or internet connection, so you can only contact them on the cell phone number provided here.

Contact them to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails.

Remember that you will contact the managers of the activity directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle phone calls and is not responsible for the information exchanged during these conversations.


Emblateribn Rifugio
33020 Sauris UD
Managers: Miro and Maria

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