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Rifugio Tolazzi

The strategic point for beautiful hikes

About this place

The Tolazzi refuge is located in Carnia on the slopes of Mount Coglians, the highest peak in the Carnic Alps and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

One of the many strengths of this refuge is precisely its splendid location, a crossroads of trails leading to unforgettable panoramic and naturalistic points, to other renowned refuges and mountain pastures, to Lake Volaia and to itineraries in the Coglians mountain range.

They are surrounded by living forests, rich in animal species. Finally, there is a catering service with typical cuisine and the possibility of overnight stays in the mountains.

Why visit it


You arrive by car

Tolazzi is an ideal starting point for those who want to try their hand at exploration, but because it is easily accessible by car, it is also perfect for those who want to have lunch in the peace of the mountains.



Numerous routes start from the Tolazzi refuge, many of which are of great mountaineering interest. One can explore lakes, mountain huts, mountain pastures and renowned peaks, climb crags and cross the Italian border into neighboring Austria.


The new management

The two very young Mattia and Martina, class of 2000, also aided by her dad, are putting a lot of effort into creating a place that is rich and full of life, where they can enjoy great food.


The Tolazzi refuge stands in a sunny clearing framed by the Carnic Alps, in the Bos Valley, at the base of the west flank of Mount Coglians. The beautiful structure is perfectly set among lush forests. From the outdoor terrace, the view sweeps over this forested carpet stopping at the southern walls of Mt. Canale and Mt. Capolago.

Itineraries and routes

The Tolazzi refuge boasts a strategic location for some of the most renowned mountaineering routes and for reaching the spectacular peak of Mt. Coglians at 2780 m.

Among the many hikes, the most sought-after are Lake Volaia, Marinelli hut, Morareto hut, Lambertenghi-Romanin hut (currently closed), and the Spinotti equipped trail. Many climbing routes can also be reached from the hut, including the Rio Landri crag. Tolazzi, moreover, is a staging post of the Carnic Traverse.

Tolazzi Refuge is part of theThree Refuges Ring along with Lambertenghi-Romanin and Marinelli, and is the starting point of the 3 Refuges Skytrail Relay, an international mountain running race.

The area is popular with mountain bikers and ski mountaineers.


The Tolazzi hut offers food and beverage service with 80 seats between indoor and outdoor seats under umbrellas on the rooftop terrace. The cuisine is traditional Friulian, with some references to neighboring Austria.

Tolazzi offers overnight accommodations with 12 beds divided into three rooms: one double, one twin with single beds and one dormitory with four bunk beds.
The shelter has an outdoor play area for children.

Opening period

The Tolazzi shelter is open daily from early May to about the end of October. During the ski season, from about the end of December to mid-March, on weekends only. The period may vary and it is advisable to contact the managers for more precise information.

It is reported that the lodge is organizing New Year’s Eve Dinner with the possibility of overnight stay.

The interiors and rooms

The Tolazzi presents itself as a delightful mountain cottage with fresh air and brightness. The interiors reflect this vitality, with wood dominating the rooms in the living and sleeping areas. The latter offers different types of accommodation with double rooms and dormitories, and communal toilets with showers and hot water.

Itineraries and excursions from Tolazzi

The spectacular scenic and naturalistic viewpoints and renowned mountain huts, alpine pastures and bivouacs that can be reached from Tolazzi are countless; only a few are listed here to provide an overview of different types of hikes.

Mount Coglians
Lake Volaia (Austria)
Rifugio Marinelli
Malga Morareto

Getting there

The Tolazzi refuge is located in the Plan di Val di Bos basin and is easily reached by car via the paved road from Forni Avoltri up towards Collina. Equipped with ample parking, it also allows the elderly or those who do not wish to walk to enjoy its services.


The shelter can be reached easily by RV, but care must be taken in the parking lot, which is a bit of a slope. It is reported that a campsite is located in the village of Collina.

Yes, there are 2 double rooms, one with a double bed and one with two single beds.

The Tolazzi hut is open daily from early May to late October and on weekends during the ski season.

Contact Tolazzi Refuge

Through this section you can directly contact the new management (2022) of the Tolazzi Shelter. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:

Sawmill Street,
Plan di Val di Bos
Hill of Forni Avoltri (UD)
New managers (2022): Mattia Narduzzi and Martina Tamussin

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