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Rifugio Pradut

The terrace on Claut at 1440 m

About this place

Pradut is a newly established mountain hut that is located in a beautiful panoramic position on the northern slope of Mt. Resettum. The landscape is that of the rugged Friulian Dolomites, which, from the terrace of the Rifugio, can be admired in all their majesty.

Rifugio can be reached in about 2.5/3 h via a trail or via the forest track, either on foot or by mountain bike. The route does not present technical difficulties but is constantly uphill and is tiring for the untrained. Exclusively in summer, the Rifugio can also be reached by car, taking the forest track and parking about 500 m away.

Rifugio is open year-round, and in winter, the magic of Pradut is renewed by snowfall. The Dolomites whiten and so do the surrounding forests. The road is covered with snow allowing snowshoers and ski mountaineers to reach the hut in an alternative way.

Why visit it


the panoramic terrace

One of the many highlights of this hut is the terrace, from which one can admire the enchanting view of the Friulian Dolomites that plummet into the Cellina Valley. All while sipping tea or drinking a beer and eating a sandwich.


The kitchen

Pradut is one of those mountain hut where an expert connoisseur of the area and the Friulian territory tries his hand at cooking. The cook, in fact, is the manager of the mountain hut, and the cuisine is typical, as are the raw materials, which are sourced from local producers.


Snowshoeing and ski mountaineering

In winter, the path leading to the hut is covered in snow, much to the delight of snowshoe and ski mountaineering enthusiasts. The road is regularly groomed by the hut manager with the snowcat and made passable and safe for skiers.


The Pradut mountain hut stands at the crown of a wide clearing in the setting of the Friulian Dolomites. The panoramic terrace overlooks the Cellina Valley and the beautiful valley with Cimolais and Claut and the peaks of Duranno, Col Nudo, Turlon, Cornaget, Borgà, and Cornetto. The landscape is characterized by towering mountains such as Duranno (2652) that descend steeply and melt into the gentle valley below.

Itineraries and routes

Several hikes, including loop hikes, can be made from the Pradut mountain hut, including:

  • Mount Resettum;
  • Casera Resettum;
  • Casera Frate and Forcella dei Tramontins;
  • Cima Fratte;
  • Ring of the Landre Scur from Casera Casavento;
  • Forcella Clautana Ring.

The manager is a great connoisseur of the area, and it is recommended to contact him for information on the feasibility and difficulties that may be encountered on the different routes.

For mountain bikers, we highlight the Forcella Clautana Ring, engaging both on foot and by bicycle.

Opening period

Pradut can be visited year-round, but daily openings are constrained by weather conditions and specific periods. From early June to mid-October, the lodge is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Mid-July to early September, every day of the week. In the summertime, the hut can also be reached by car. Mid-December to mid-April, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every day during the Christmas season, excluding Christmas Day. The days are approximate, so it is recommended to contact the lodge to verify the actual opening and the need for any reservations. On New Year’s Eve, the lodge organizes a dinner with an overnight stay option.

Upcoming events

January 27, 2024 – 2-day snowshoe trek in the Friulian Dolomites with an overnight stay at the Pradut Rifugio.

  • Total development: 25 km;
  • Total elevation gain (ascent + descent) over the two days: 2300 m;

Program and reservations >


The services and rooms

The Pradut shelter has a dining area with 35 seats inside. On the terrace, in the summertime, there are 20 more. The shelter also offers overnight accommodations with 20 beds divided into 2 dormitories. Showers are provided with hot water, subject to payment.


The mountain hut's kitchen

Have you had lunch at Pradut without meeting the manager? Surely you would have found it in the kitchen. In fact, Angelo, manager since 2016, is also the mountain hut’s cook, and the excellent Friulian cuisine with which you can delight is the fruit of his labor. What will you find? Typical local cheeses and cold cuts, such as petucce and brusaule. Tagliatelle with venison ragout, onion or mushroom soup, and many other starters. Classic main courses such as sausage and grilled cheese, but also delicious alternatives, for example, cao salami. To finish you can enjoy a strudel, blueberry pie or apple and cinnamon filled crumble, all strictly prepared by Angelo.

Trail 960 to

For those who do not want to get to the Pradut mountain hut by taking the forest track, there is the possibility of taking CAI trail 960A. The marker is located just after the parking lot, on the right, and leads directly into the forest. This is the landscape before you, a narrow path in a magical beech forest. The route cuts through the forest track, thus providing the opportunity to take it back at several points. The trail is significantly shorter than the latter but does not save much time for the untrained. In fact, the road is steep or bumpy in places and is still very steep.

Where to park

Paid parking in the valley (winter/summer)

The mountain hut can be reached from Claut via the carriage road up the Cellina Valley. The road is accessible from the hamlet of Lesis upon payment of a ticket, in effect year-round during peak season, of €1 per hour or €5 for the entire day.

The ticket is paid at the tollbooth at the entrance to the road at a toll booth. After the Ponte degli Alpini bridge over the Cellina, there is a convenient parking lot near the trailhead.

Free parking (winter/summer)

Walking an extra 15 minutes of road, there is free parking before the toll booth.

Summer parking lot 500 m from the shelter

Exclusively in the summer period, Pradut can also be reached by car via the forest track. Parking is located 500 m from the shelter.

Pictured: summer parking lot 500 m from the hut

Pictured: ticket column at the bottom of the valley (winter parking lot)

Hiking tours around Rifugio Pradut

February 10, 2024

Snowshoe hike to Rifugio Pradut in Val Cellina with unseen route from the northern slope of Mt. Resettum

Development: 12 km; elevation gain (positive): 800 m; difficulty: E (hiking)
Total elevation gain (ascent + descent) over the two days: 2300 m;

More information >
2-day snowshoe trek in the Friulian Dolomites with an overnight stay at Rifugio Pradut

Total development: 25 km;
Total elevation gain (ascent + descent) over the two days: 2300 m;

More information >
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Although the climb is quite long, the route to the hut is easy and suitable for everyone. As a result, on weekends and during peak season, the lodge is very busy. In case you want to have lunch there, reservations are recommended.

During peak season, the road from Lesis is accessible upon payment of a toll of €1 per hour or €5 per day. To avoid the ticket fee, it is necessary to park before the toll booth.

Certainly. The ascent with snowshoes is very impressive. It is recommended to contact the hut in advance to inquire about the amount of snow and decide whether to wear snowshoes or crampons.

Contact Pradut Mountain Hut

Through this section you can contact the Pradut shelter directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Rifugio Pradut
Pradut Location
33080 Claut (PN)

Manager: Angelo


  • Lunches and dinners: can only be booked by calling (dinners: min 6 people)
  • Overnight stays: use the form to send an email
  • Do not use Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram for reservations

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