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Rifugio Gortani

Simple and cozy, just like home.

About this place

The Gortani is a lovely refuge, which stands in a clearing in the middle of the forest in Val Rauna, in the Ugovizza valley. This lodge, in addition to the goodness of its dishes, especially its famous desserts, is appreciated by visitors for the friendliness of Angela and Mauro, who run it “the old-fashioned way,” taking care of the relationship with the customer and creating a homely, family atmosphere. The hut was opened in 2009, but the structure dates back to the late 1800s and was used as an alpine school. Inside, a photo collection tells the whole story of this building.

Why visit it


Simplicity and hospitality

Even those who pass through the Gortani hut and stop only for coffee and a slice of cake will feel as if they have arrived home. The genuine welcome one receives at this lodge makes the visitor feel part of a family.


The cakes

Those who dine at the Gortani refuge cannot fail to taste one of its homemade cakes. It turns out, however, that it is difficult to stop at the first one: that is why we recommend ordering the Tasting Set with 5 different cakes.


Easy to reach

The Gortani refuge is open year-round and is only 500 meters of paved road from the parking lot; therefore, it is a pleasant destination in all seasons.


The Gortani refuge stands in a sunny clearing framed by the Julian Alps. From the outdoor terrace the view is exceptional; the gaze sweeps over the surrounding peaks reaching as far as Jôf Fuart.

The beautiful wooden structure is perfectly set in the quietness of this clearing surrounded by woods. The lodge is delightful and is so integrated into the surrounding vegetation and landscape that the atmosphere is that of an intimate and exclusive place.

Itineraries and routes

Many trails, some looped, of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty, suitable for both summer and winter hiking, including snowshoeing, start from this refuge.

Some examples among the shorter hikes are Malga Priu, Mount Stabet, and the summit of Mount Cocco and Cima Bella, passing the remains of the former mining village. Longer hikes include Mount Sagran, Starhand,Osternig and Acomizza.

One of the best-loved trails, also perfect for families, is the Puanina Tour, the 17-kilometer loop thematic trail that connects the huts and refuges found in the Ugovizza valley area. Along the trail are numerous blow-ups illustrating forestry and hunting life.

It should be noted that many trails starting from the Gortani refuge are suitable for mountain biking. The Gortani Refuge is also a support point for ski mountaineers.


The Gortani shelter offers food service with 35 seats inside and an additional 45 outside under umbrellas. The cuisine is traditional Friulian, with some references to neighboring Austria. Reservations are not required to eat at the shelter, but are recommended. The Gortani refuge offers overnight accommodation with 6 beds divided into 2 rooms.

Opening period

Due to the ease of being reached and its proximity to population centers, the Gortani shelter is open year-round, with hours of 8/21.

Weekly closures are Tuesday evenings and Wednesdays, except during the summer and Christmas holidays, when the shelter remains open at all times.


The interiors and rooms

At the Gortani shelter, wood is the predominant element. It predominates the facade and also predominates the interior, making this place warm and welcoming. Overnight at the lodge, the quietness of the forest combined with the pampering of the hosts, Angela’s cakes and comfortable bedrooms will make you feel at home.

Getting there

From Ugovizza, a hamlet of Malborghetto, follow the signs for Val Uque and Rifugio Gortani for about 5 km to the parking lot. Continue on foot for 500 m on paved road until you reach the hut. For the elderly, the hut can also be reached by car, subject to the telephone consent of the managers.


Reservations are not required to have lunch at the Gortani shelter, but it is recommended to call anyway to reserve a table, as the shelter is popular and there is no shortage of customers.

The Gortani refuge can be reached in 20 to 30 minutes of walking on a paved road from the parking lot. For those who are unable to reach it on foot, it is possible to ask the managers for permission to reach it by car.

The Puanina Tour is a 17-kilometer thematic loop trail that passes through the alpine huts and refuges found in the Ugovizza valley area. It is not necessary to walk the entire loop; for example, from Rifugio Gortani you can reach Malga Priu.

Contact Gortani Refuge

Through this section you can contact the Gortani shelter directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that you will contact the managers of the activity directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:

Rifugio Gortani
Ugovizza – Malborghetto (UD)
Pod Rauna Location
Managers: Angela and Mauro

Info and reservations:

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