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Chiesetta di San Michele dei Pagani

Built into the rock

About this place

The trail starts from the road, where there are information signs about the church and Bragolino Castle. The climb takes about 10 to 15 minutes on a path made of stone steps in the undergrowth. The climb is easy, short and suitable for everyone.

A red dot is slowly discerned among the trees, and at the end of the path the view of this brick-colored little church opens up. Seeing a church embedded in a rock wall is very impressive, even more so because it is tiny, covering an area of just 7 x 5 meters.

The overhanging wall on which it is built is that of Mount Brancot, and on weekends, climbing enthusiasts happen to be seen trying their hand at the rock surrounding the little church.

Also found in the forest are I lavadôrs, old wash houses where clothes were once washed, which figured as a gathering place for village life.

Why visit


Set in the rock

The church lacks a facade as it was built on rock and has only three masonry sides in addition to the bell tower. Painted bright red, it appears to be set in rock.


The secluded place

A visit to this tiny church gives an intimate and emotional moment. Although built just above the settlement the place is secluded and concealed by the forest.


His story

Just as the little church is hidden in the rock, its history is also shrouded in mystery. The church probably dates back to the 13th century, but is said to have been built on the foundations of a pagan temple from the Longobard era.

Along the way

the remains of the castle of Bragolino

The church of San Michele dei Pagani was most likely built by the inhabitants of the small village that arose in the surroundings of the Castle of Bragolino, a name derived from that of the feudal lord who ruled it in 1254 and whose existence we have the earliest documentation of.

The building was built at a strategic point; in fact, from the post above the hill, it controlled the road from Braulins to Carnia. Nevertheless, the castle was completely destroyed in 1336, and today only a few remnants remain as evidence.

Getting there and parking

From Gemona, take the state highway in the direction of Trasaghis and Alesso. Cross the bridge over the Tagliamento River and follow the signs to the hamlet of Braulins. The parking lot is located in Vicolo da Braide where there is an information board about St. Michael’s Church and Bragolino Castle.

The trail can be walked in about a 10-minute walk. It presents no difficulties except for a few sections where it can be slippery due to the moisture in the undergrowth.

The descent can be made by the same route as the outward journey or by the opposite route, which rejoins it a little further on.

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