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Forte del Monte Bernadia

A fascinating view of the Friulian plain

About this place

From the town of Tarcento you can quickly reach Mount Bernadia, from whose summit you can enjoy a splendid view of the Julian Pre-Alps and the Friulian plain. The mountain is rich in forested areas, and inland there are tunnels of caves, including those of Villanova.
On the summit of Bernadia, at 866 meters, stands the Fort of Mount Bernadia-Monte Lonza, an imposing three-story defensive structure. The fort was built in 1910 for the purpose of blocking any invasions coming from the Torre Valleys, but it remained unused. In recent times it has been restored to symbolize the absurdity of war and the importance of peace.

Why visit it


Recently restored

The fort was restored between 2006 and 2012 and is part of the Great War historical routes. During events it is open and it is possible to visit the fusiliers, powder magazines, living quarters and 4-gun emplacements.


The panorama

From the fort, which rises to 866 m, there is an exceptional panoramic view. The view sweeps over the Prealpi GiuIie and the entire Friulian plain, reaching, on clear days, as far as the sea.


Trails and walks

The whole area around the fort is rich in historical-naturalistic routes. One of these is the thematic trail through the Pocivalo Battery, suitable for everyone; far more challenging is the Bernadia Mountain loop.

Bernadia routes

From the fort forecourt it is about a 10-minute walk to the Pocivalo Mountain Battery, following the clear signs. A casemate, ammunition depot, and a emplacement for four 75-mm cannons are encountered; continue for another half hour to a viewpoint, a launching base for hang gliders.
The route is suitable for trained hikers: it runs on forest trails, forest roads and paved roads for a total of 15.5 km, with 800 m of elevation gain. You pass through the areas of the fort, the Pocivalo battery, the Villanova caves, and can visit the Vigant abyss and the Church of Our Lady of Peace, near the village of Useunt.
From Tarcento follow the signs for Sedilis and then those for Mt. Bernadia. The fort can also be reached from Villanova delle Grotte.


This is an old military road, now paved, but narrow and winding.

The fort is also very interesting to visit inside. It is open only during events, exhibitions and anniversaries.

Every year, on the first Sunday in September, there is a gathering of the Alpine troops, who, in 1958, contributed to the construction of the “Faro Julia” monument, which is located in the square of the fort.
The Friendship Motoraduno is also held annually, which brings motorcyclists together in the fort’s forecourt for a day among fans of the sport with a stupendous view.

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