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Stávoli di Orias

An evocative place all to be discovered

About this place

In the Pesarina Valley, called the “Valley of Time” because of the long tradition associated with clock making, there is a place where time has stood still: the stávoli of Orias. In this location, 12 stávoli were built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, or buildings that were used by shepherds on their way to the mountain pasture to rest their livestock and then continue their journey. The stávoli are made of stone and have two floors, the lower one for animals, the upper one for humans; some are crumbling, others have been restored while maintaining their original appearance.
Visiting this place is very exciting and silence reigns supreme. The scenery is magnificent, unique is the view of the valley.

Why visit them


Suggestive panorama

Orias’ 12 stávoli are oriented toward the green valley, of which they offer a unique panorama. The rural landscape is surrounded by the mountainous frame formed by the Arvenis and Tamai mountains, the Zoncolan massif, and the Mimoias clay.


The hidden verses

Walking among the grassy terraces on which the stavoli stand, one encounters posters of poems by poet Pierluigi Cappello. The love of nature and Friulian culture conveyed by his words fits perfectly with rural buildings.


They can be reached by car

A visit to the Orias stávoli is within everyone’s reach, as they can be easily reached by car from Pesariis. It is recommended, in order not to spoil the rural beauty of this place and to enjoy the short walk in the green, to park in Truia and continue on foot.

Find poems among the stavoli

It is magical to walk through the greenery among the ancient stávoli, admiring the valley and searching, like a treasure hunt, for the poems that have been posted in some places. These are some of the works of Friulian poet Pierluigi Cappello, pertaining to nature and traditions. In the silence of the valley, emotions flow out, accompanied by views and poetry.

Getting there / parking

The Orias stávoli can be reached by car via a carriage road with a decent slope and several hairpin bends. It is possible to get as far as Orias by car, but it is recommended to park in the small village of Truia and reach them in about 15 minutes with a nice nature walk. The more trained can start on foot or by MTB from the hamlet of Pieria or the hamlet of Osais, with trails, about 2.5 km and 300 m in elevation gain, passing through Truia.


Some stávoli are abandoned, others have been restored by the owners, who can enjoy a vacation in nature.

Not far from Orias is the hamlet of Sopravalle, consisting of only four houses and abandoned. There are enchanting places to visit in the Pesarina Valley, such as the Fuas waterfall and the village of Pesariis.

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