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Cascate della Cukula

The path of the waterfalls

About this place

The Cukula Falls Nature Trail is a beautiful trail from the village of Platischis to the village of Prossenico. The trail can also be walked only in part, starting from Platischis and retracing one’s steps. This makes it possible to visit the 3 waterfalls, the last of which is the Cukula waterfall itself. The trail is hiking type, and for those who are not very familiar with mountains and walking on uneven trails, it is possible to get to just the first and second waterfalls.

Why visit them


The path of the waterfalls

The waterfall trail is a nature trail in the forest that encounters several waterfalls. It is possible to walk only part of it to visit one or two waterfalls.


The blue pools

Each waterfall originates a pool of crystalline blue-green water at its foot. Together with the sound of roaring water and the green of the forest, the environment makes you forget the daily stress.


The old mill

The most striking part of this trail is the first waterfall with the remains of the old mill. Here, the peaceful environment in the middle of the forest appears fairy-like.

the 3 waterfalls

The hiking trail follows the course of the Namlen River and is dotted with various water jumps. The main ones are three. The first waterfall, the most striking, plunges from a medium height into a blue pool. Nearby the remains of an ancient mill can be seen. The second waterfall consists of a series of small cascades that plunge into a wide green pool. The third waterfall is the most striking, with its spectacular 70-meter drop. It is possible to observe it both from below and from the root of its jump.

1. Waterfall Old Mill

2. Pod Jama waterfall

3. Cukula waterfall 70m

the path Cukula


In Platischis, in the municipality of Taipana, follow the signs to the waterfall and trail. The start of the trail is marked by a sign.


The trail follows the course of the Namlen stream, passing three main waterfalls, several small waterfalls and pools of beautifully green water, as well as the remains of a mill and a kiln.
The course is 1.3 km long and has an elevation gain of 160 meters, facilitated by hundreds of wide steps and handrails. Some fords marked by green signs must also be passed.


The trail leads, in about 15 minutes and with a negative drop of 50 meters, to an old mill and the first waterfall; with 10 minutes more, to the second. The Cukula waterfall is the furthest away and can be reached in about 40 minutes with a negative drop of more than 100 meters. This part of the trail is also the most challenging, considering also that the path back is uphill.


This trail is hiking type and is suitable for people used to walking in the mountains and on uneven trails. It is reported that the road surface is slippery. In addition, over the years, the steps have subsided and the pegs supporting them are dangerously exposed.

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