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Laghi di Fusine

A postcard landscape

About this place

The Fusine Lakes are among the most popular destinations for nature lovers and are unanimously considered among the most beautiful examples of alpine lakes.

They are located in the municipality of Tarvisio, in northeastern Friuli, in a geographic area dominated by mountains and valleys, forests and waterfalls, and where nature is at its most beautiful. The crystal clear waters of these two glacial lakes and the beauty of the surrounding landscape make this one of the most magical places in the region.

Why visit them


The landscape

At the Fusine Lakes, nature reigns supreme. The green forests and high, rocky mountains are reflected in the blue water of the lakes; the landscape looks like that of a hand-painted postcard.


walk in the woods

The area is crisscrossed by various forest trails that allow the lakes to be skirted, offering glimpses of unique beauty. The full route can be done in about 2 hours and is along a loop trail connecting the two lakes.


365 days a year

Each season repaints the landscape giving it an ever-changing magic. From the verdant colors of summer, to the warm hues of autumn, to the snowy white of winter. A timeless place that never ceases to fascinate.

Trails through forests and farmsteads


If you want to take a short walk, you can opt to visit only one of the two lakes. Trails around the lower lake make it possible to complete the tour of the lake in about 30 minutes with the starting base being the Edelweiss Hut Hotel.


This is the classic and recommended itinerary. It presents no difficulty and makes it possible to visit both lakes by taking the path through the forest that connects them. Naturally, it is the most popular route since it allows the experience to be maximized by visiting both lakes. Completion time, about 1 1/2 hours.


More trained hikers may also choose to reach the Zacchi hut via trail 512, which starts from the large parking lot at Lake Superior and arrives at the hut in about a 1-hour hike. The trail is also passable by mountain bike and is an excellent route for those who wish to have lunch at the refuge restaurant.


This route, about a 4-hour hike, allows you to extend that of the Zacchi refuge by taking trail number 513 in the direction of Alpe Vecchia. This trail provides a beautiful panoramic view of the lakes from above.

Fusine lakes in winter

With the arrival of the winter season, snow covers everything and the landscape of Fusine leaves its intense colors to turn into a white enchanted place. The routes and trails remain unchanged from other seasons, allowing visits to the lakes with the only precaution of wearing footwear suitable for the cold temperatures and always following the beaten paths.


In the colder months, the lakes freeze over, creating an almost fairy-tale atmosphere. Sometimes people are seen walking over the thicker layers of ice, experiencing the thrill of being suspended above the lake’s underlying body of water (given the risk, we strongly advise against this).


Snowshoeing enthusiasts, may decide to park in the large parking lot near Lake Superior and walk through the snowy forest, among the fir trees covered with fresh snow and the crunching of the frozen forest.

Also from the parking lot of Lake Superior, more trained hikers equipped with snowshoes can follow trail 512, which, with a fair climb, leads in about 1 hour to Rifugio Zacchi at an elevation of 1380 meters. Here, the warmth of the environment and the kitchen’s tasty Friulian menu create the ideal environment to warm up, rest and regain strength before embarking on the descent.


Fusine is not only the coldest area in Friuli, but also the coldest in Italy. In January 1985, -34 °C was recorded. Particularly cold winter temperatures are the subject of a scientific investigation that studies this unique microclimate.


Getting to the Fusine Lakes is relatively easy. From Tarvisio follow the road signs toward Fusine in Val Romana. After about 9 km of winding roads, you reach the lower lake.


: From June to September, the Fusine Lakes area is accessible by car or bicycle for a daily fee of 4 euros. Access to RVs costs 15 euros.

When you arrive near the lower lake, you can choose to try your luck and look for parking in one of the small recesses on the side of the road. In this case, the visit starts from the lower lake.

Given the popularity of the destination, especially at busy times, it is likely that no parking will be found in the area, so one can proceed to Lake Superior following the road taken so far. You will reach a large parking lot in a few minutes, which, at certain times of the year, is metered. From here, the tour starts from Lake Superior.

Some prefer to park before reaching the first (lower) lake at Scicchizza, where the “Rio/Sentiero del Lago,” a dirt path that runs along the stream, starts. After a short walk of about 1 km you will reach the first lake, from which you can then continue with the classic route.


The Fusine Lakes are fascinating all year round, and whenever possible, we recommend visiting them in each of the four seasons. Summer remains the most pleasant season, the one in which to find refreshment from city mugginess surrounded by a triumph of lush shades of green.

The Fusine Lakes offer spectacular scenery and are easy to reach and visit. This makes them a popular destination for tourists. Especially in summer and during busy periods, they can get a bit crowded and noisy.

The routes for visiting the Fusine Lakes are simple, safe and suitable for families. Despite this, given the proximity of the lakes, special attention should be paid to children, keeping them constantly monitored.

Only less than half of the trails in both lakes are on beaten path and therefore suitable for visiting with a stroller. It is advisable to equip oneself with child backpacks.

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