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Cascata di Val Rosandra

In the nature reserve near Trieste

About this place

One of the most beautiful trails in the Rosandra Valley leads to the spectacular 35-meter drop of the Rosandra Stream Waterfall. Water tumbles from a sheer wall forming a crystalline green pool, the first in a series of twenty-one pools of water that follow one another in the valley. The waterfall is clearly visible from the top of a lookout, while the descent to the waterhole is suitable only for experienced hikers.
Along the way there are the remains of the Roman aqueduct that once supplied ancient Tergeste and an old mill, which functioned until the 1930s; also, there is a detour to reach, with a climb of about 15 minutes, the lonely little church of Santa Maria in Siaris.

Why visit


The Rosandra jump

The view of the waterfall plunging from 35 meters is very impressive. The rock wall where he is standing seems to be split in two by his leap. The crystal clear pool is populated, as is the entire course of the stream, by brown trout.


The valley

The Rosandra Valley is a reserve on the border with Slovenia, cut in two by the Rosandra stream. The environment appears pristine: flora and fauna are pre-alpine; many caves and the remains of a Roman aqueduct can be found there.


The path

CAI Trail 1, also known as the Friendship Trail, is naturalistically very beautiful and allows you to walk in the green under the shade of trees. The route is also rich historically, thanks to the various remnants that are encountered.

How to reach it:
the route


The CAI 1 trail is simple and suitable for everyone. The walk winds through the forest, always shaded by trees, and in less than an hour leads to the viewpoint over the waterfall.
The descent to the base of the waterfall and the puddle is recommended only for experienced hikers and at particular times of the year.


From the Bagnoli della Rosandra visitor center, near the Premuda refuge, take CAI Trail 1. Passing by the remains of the 2nd-century AD Roman aqueduct and an old mill, the waterfall can be reached in about 45 minutes.
The route can also be made in a loop via the bicycle path that was laid out on the old Trieste-Erpelle Cosina railway.


From the waterfall it is recommended to continue to the very quaint village of Bottazzo. The village is also home to the old border with Slovenia, and there are the remains of 4 old mills in its vicinity.


Leave your car at the Bagnoli della Rosandra Visitor Center, which is located near the Premuda hut. From here take CAI trail 1 (Bagnoli-Bottazzo). The waterfall can be reached in about 45 minutes.
From Monday to Friday the paved road from Bagnoli della Rosandra to the Premuda hut is open to traffic, and it is possible to park your car in the large lay-by in front of the hut.

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