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Forra del Vinadia

An adventurous gorge

About this place

To cross the Vinadia Gorge is to enter a canyon of rare beauty, impervious and wild, almost untouched. The gorge has walls as high as 200 meters; the path is a continuous succession of waterfalls, cascades and crystal clear pools.
The canyon is formed by three distinct gorges, carved by 3 different streams, the Chiantone stream, the Picchions stream and the Vinadia stream, which converge to form the Vinadia stream. The environment that originated is amazing, and the marks left by geological evolution, sedimentary processes, and fluvial erosion processes can be discerned there.

Why visit



The descent into this gorge is reserved for those who are not afraid of walking on uneven trails or getting wet. The trail crosses fords, chases waterfalls, requires walking over boulders or into ravines, and is as adventurous as it is magnificent.


Much to explore

The gorge is geologically diverse to explore and includes waterfalls and cascades, rocky meanders and ravines, pools and potholes. Of great beauty is the spectacular and thunderous Rio Picchions waterfall.


The loop route

The Vinadia Gorge Trail is a loop trail that descends the bed of the Picchions and Vinadia streams, encounters several waterfalls, pools and potholes, and then ascends. Those who take it on should not expect a comfortable walk; it is a fun and adventurous trail.

route and things to see


The descent from the village of Vinaio follows the rocky shore of the Vinadia stream to its confluence with the Picchions stream. Already here the road is rocky and uneven, a slippery hazard.


The trail allows you to discover waterfalls, pools and potholes, which alternate along the entire route, and to marvel at the view from inside the gorge, overlooked by giant boulders that touch each other in some places. A large sloping pillar can be seen near the confluence with the Picchions stream. It is a rocky tooth detached from one wall and lying on the opposite wall.


A short distance away, the Picchions Waterfall, among whose ravines the water blackbird nests, enchants the observer, who tries to abduct its beauty by taking a few photographs.


The classic loop trail is passable by those with a good knowledge of walking on uneven trails and returns safely to the starting point.
For experienced hikers, there is also the possibility of tackling an EEA appendix of the trail, which should be done with appropriate equipment and knowledge and also includes swimming sections.

Warning - safety

As with any gorge, extreme care and caution is recommended, and to follow the signs and prohibitions posted on the signs at the trailhead.
The trail is uneven and impassable in places; it runs on a rocky surface in a wet environment, thus a high risk of slipping; hiking shoes are mandatory. The gorge follows the course of the river and several fords are encountered; it is very likely to get clothes and footwear wet.

The trail is not passable in rainy periods, as it is flooded. The visit is feasible only in the summer period, particularly in July and August. In addition, the gorge is very deep and some areas are shaded; it is best to visit in the middle hours of the day.

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getting there and parking

From Lauco follow the signs for Vinaio and the Vinadia Gorge. The trail begins below the village of Vinaio; leave your car in the convenient parking lot near the stone quarry, near the bridge over the stream.


No, the trail is intended for hikers who are used to walking in the mountains and on uneven trails, equipped with appropriate clothing.

The greatest risk is of slipping. It is mandatory to wear hiking shoes, which also protect the ankle. In addition, as with any ravine, during periods of high rainfall the route may be subject to flash flooding.

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Non-tourist route

This place is not suitable for solo visitors as it is not a safe route/place.

We do not recommend visiting unless you are accompanied by a guide. Inquire at the nearest tourism infopoint.

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