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Lago di Bordaglia

The jewel of the Carnic Alps

About this place

Lake Bordaglia is considered by many to be the most beautiful lake in Friuli Venezia Giulia and is certainly the pride of the Carnic Alps. The lake is nestled in a glacial basin between mountains and can only be reached on foot. A long hike worth engaging in to reach the lake and the Bordaglia Oasis, a wildlife oasis populated by many animal and plant species. In the heart of the oasis, amidst tall larches and pines, the lake shines like a sapphire. This pristine place enchants visitors with its quietness interrupted only by the whistling of marmots. Stretching your gaze, you can see eagles circling or catch a glimpse of deer and roe deer at the edge of the forest.

Why visit it


The landscape

A visit to Bordaglia Lake is an unforgettable excursion. Discovering this nature oasis hidden in the mountains is a unique experience that allows you to get close to an unspoiled habitat: among the green pines shines this blue pond, eagles fly in the sky, and you can hear only the sounds of nature.


The route to the lakes

The route to the lake is quite long (about 2.5 hours one way) with an elevation gain of about 700 m. It presents no technical difficulties but requires good training to cope with the long ascent. Through the undergrowth we proceed along the Bordaglia gorge and then through the pastures and casere of Bordaglia di Sotto and di Sopra, until we reach the lake. 


Many things to see

This evocative route leads to the discovery of many natural wonders. A visit to the lake and the Bordaglia Oasis alone allows for a walk through forests, pastures, and farmsteads. Completing the loop also explores Giramondo Pass, Pera Lake and Sella Sissanis, thus enjoying unparalleled views and scenery.

The oasis of Bordaglia

Lake Bordaglia is literally a blue gem shining set in greenery. Along the path leading to its banks, from the vantage point, you can see the Bordaglia oasis from above, an unparalleled sight: in the basin between the mountains opens this blue eye surrounded by coniferous forests. Descending to its banks, one finds oneself in a magical and unspoiled place, among old larch trees and rich shrub vegetation where many animal species find refuge.

things to see


Interested hikers are advised to walk part of the way to Bordaglia Lake via the trail that runs along the gorge. This is a short section that, from a detour in the early part of the trail, provides a bird’s-eye view of the rushing creek and amazing panoramic views.


On the way to the lake, two farmsteads are encountered, which are no longer used for herding but have been renovated and are in good condition. The casere, Bordaglia di Sotto and Bordaglia di Sopra respectively, are a great place to rest and take some photographs. In particular, from the second one there is a wonderful panoramic view of the lake.


Choosing the loop trail is an alternative that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the environment that the lake and Bordaglia Oasis represent, namely that of mountains, pastures, scree, forests and green valleys. The trail also passes Lake Pera and Sella Sissanis and, with a small detour to Giramondo Pass. This is a more complete and longer hike that is completed in about 6 hours.


Climbing up from Lake Bordaglia toward Sella Sissanis, one encounters Lake Pera. It is a small lake named after its shape, similar to this fruit.


Sella Sissanis, at 1987 m, is the highest vantage point on the loop. From here there is an excellent view of the foothills of the Carnic Alps. In addition, the detour to the Giramondo Pass starts from the saddle. From Sella Sissanis, continuing to complete the loop, we descend to Pierabech, crossing a picturesque path between stavoli, woods and green pastures.

Parking and approach

From Villa Santina take regional road 355 in the direction of Forni Avoltri and, from here, continue until you reach the hamlet of Pierabech, after about 2 kilometers. Follow the signs to the Goccia di Carnia plant and park in the lay-bys along the dirt road at the marble quarry (Pian della Guerra location).

From the parking lot continue on CAI trails 141 and 142 to Bordaglia Lake, in 2 h 30 min.

Return by the same route or continue in a loop via Trail 142, passing Lake Pera and Sella Sissanis and possibly making a short detour to Giramondo Pass. The total length of the loop is 14.5 km and can be covered in about 6 h total.


The lake can be reached from the parking lot in about 2.5 hours, via an easy but long route with an elevation gain of 700 m. Choosing not to return by the same route, but wanting to do the whole loop, the total duration is 6 hours.

Lake Bordaglia can be visited all year round, and in winter it is very impressive to reach it with snowshoes.

Due to the length of the trail, it is recommended to bring food, but especially plenty of water. In addition, much of the area is not covered by phone signal, so the ability to navigate with internet and gps is limited.

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