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Cascata di Fuas

In the middle of the forest

About this place

From Pesariis, the town of clocks, specifically from the parking area of the renowned Solari factory, which produces world-famous clocks, starts the path leading to the Fuas Waterfall. In contrast to the village, where as many as 15 monumental clocks chime, this is a place where time has stood still: at the end of the forest path, the vegetal curtain opens to reveal a small enchanted clearing, where the leap of water is the protagonist. In just a 20-minute walk, you can enjoy the coolness of this place enclosed by tree foliage and high rock walls.

Why visit


The water jump

The view of the waterfall in the middle of the forest is very impressive. The natural amphitheater in which it is located seems to be split in two by its jump. Sitting on the stones around the puddle, the vertical jet mesmerizes the observer.


The secluded place

The waterfall appears unexpectedly in a small clearing in the middle of the forest. The path, squeezed through the foliage, ends at this cozy place to cool off and enjoy the intimacy of the forest and nature.



The village of clocks, Pesariis is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Friuli Venezia Giulia. In the village, as in a treasure hunt, one can unearth the very special clocks, equipped with ingenious mechanisms. Learn more about Pesariis >

The route

From the parking lot take the road directly into the forest. The trail is well-marked and runs alongside the creek along its entire course. The walk is slightly uphill, but not strenuous. About halfway through are a wooden footbridge and a Roman stone bridge. Wanting to avoid walking over the bridge, which has no protective balustrades, one can safely choose to walk past it via the walkway below. Just before reaching the waterfall, the trail deviates slightly to the left due to some fallen logs.

The walk from the parking lot takes about 20 minutes and is not strenuous, in fact it is pleasant and refreshing to walk through the undergrowth. The trail is consistently marked and the signs are in good repair. The road surface is that of a wetland, so it is slippery and muddy in places. Sneakers or other unsuitable designs are not recommended because of the risk of slipping.


From the Pesarina Valley Highway 465, leave your car at the Solari plant. Take the forest road adjacent to the parking lot.

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