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Forra del Cjanevate

and the bunker bridge

Warning: non-tourist route

About this place

In Cavazzo Carnico, just a few minutes from the road, hides the Buse dai Pagans, the gorge of the Cjanevate stream, a magical place that evokes the force of nature, the erosive power of the waters, and the harshness of the rock.

The canyon can be visited in its initial part, as the passage is blocked by 2 boulders.

The gorge is overlooked at a height of 15 meters by a bridge tunnel, part of a nearby military fortification. This is a bunker dating back to World War II, the entrance to which is hidden inside a large semicircular cave, Le Chianevate, which is also extremely impressive.

Why is it a place of interest?


The force of nature

It is always amazing to admire the endless work of nature, in this case of the erosive force of the waters, that has carved this deep gorge with overhanging walls.


The bunker bridge

The 341-meter-long bunker, part of the Italian defense line, crosses the gorge with a 15-meter-high tunnel. An example of man’s inventive greatness.


The cave

Le chianevate is a cave of natural origin, carved into the rock by water; at the bottom of the cave, however, something man-made is hidden, the entrance to an admirably designed bunker.

The cave and the bunker

A few minutes from the gorge opens Le Chianevate, a striking semicircular cave, also carved by the force of water. The cave is 18 meters wide, 10 meters high and 20 meters deep. Inside is the lower entrance to a beautifully designed bunker, part of the Littorio Alpine Wall, a defensive line of the Italian border during World War II.

Warning - safety

At the entrance to the gorge, the trail is interrupted by two large collapse boulders that are made slippery by moisture and underbrush flora. Because of the dangerous nature and the possibility of slipping between the various boulder jumps, we advise against going over them and disclaim responsibility for any injuries that may occur. We recommend waiting for the trail to be secured before visiting this place. Also, remember that it is forbidden to enter the war bunker, although it is open.

Getting there

From Cavazzo Carnico follow the signs to the trattoria “Al pescatore.” Just before you get there, on the left, there are signs for the gorge and a large clearing where you can park your car. 

Continue to the nearby Faeit creek and cross it by walking on the large stones. On the opposite bank, continue to climbing wall. Already here you can see slits in the walls. Shortly after, a fork is encountered that leads to the gorge or cave. The ride from the parking lot takes only 5 minutes.

It should be noted that during heavy rains, it is not possible to ford the Faeit stream.

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Non-tourist route

This place is not suitable for solo visitors as it is not a safe route/place.

We do not recommend visiting unless you are accompanied by a guide. Inquire at the nearest tourism infopoint.

Explorer FVG disclaims all liability.

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