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Cascata Rio Repepeit

and the Roman bridge in the Raccolana valley

About this place

The Rio Repepeit waterfall can be reached by an easy 5-minute walk on a safe and suitable trail. The setting is very distinctive, and a bridge is encountered under whose arch a first waterfall can be glimpsed, which, although artificial, makes for a very picturesque sight.

Cross the bridge to reach both waterfalls and the crystal clear pool carved by the water. As you descend to the puddle, you can clearly feel the change in temperature, and as you dip your feet in, the water feels icy. Nevertheless, in summer you can sunbathe on the small beach on the banks of the pond. In warm weather the area is rich in vegetation and butterflies flutter everywhere. In the colder months, however, the frozen waterfall is a destination for ice-climbing enthusiasts.

Why visit


More visitable waterfalls

Following the path and crossing the Roman bridge, two waterfalls are encountered, the first of which is already visible under the arch of the bridge itself. The two waterfalls are different from each other and both very characteristic.


Easy to reach

The path to the waterfall is easy and suitable for everyone. The only caution is to wear proper shoes and beware of slippery ground after rains.


All seasons

The trail and waterfalls can be visited in all seasons, and it is very fascinating to see them framed by nature’s changing scenery.

Approach and parking


From the SS13 highway, continue toward Sella Nevea, entering the Raccolana Valley. After the fork to Potocco, there is a brown sign with directions to the waterfall. Park in the small lay-by at the side of the road, in which a maximum of four cars can park.


Descend down the path until you meet the bridge and waterfall in 5 minutes. The approach to the waterfall is truly striking and surprising; one encounters a bridge, said to date back to Roman times, formed of stone ashlars placed in an arch. As you get closer you will glimpse the blue waterfall framed by the arch. A picturesque view.


Yes, and it is very nice. One can stop to sunbathe on the small beach near the pool and cool off by wetting one’s feet in the icy water.

Chiusaforte is called the “Municipality of Waterfalls,” in fact, it has 13, including the Repepeit Waterfall. To visit them all, you can follow the ‘Waterfall Trail’, many are on the road from Chiusaforte to Sella Nevea, others are a little more hidden.

All seasons lend a unique charm to this place. Spring to enjoy nature in bloom and the large number of butterflies that populate the area. Summer to find refreshment from the heat. Autumn for its warm colors. Winter to admire the frozen waterfall.

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