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Grotte di Pradis

A fascinating route along the gorge

About this place

A visit to Pradis Caves is simple and suitable for everyone, but do not be fooled by the estimated duration of about an hour. In fact, the scenic Loop Trail leads to the picturesque Madonna Cave and then to the Gorge; here the real exploration begins. The descent, via 207 steps, leads to an undiscovered area, where suggestive glimpses are concealed in every crevice. Inside this canyon, visitors can contemplate the natural stage carved out by the waters over the millennia.

Why visit them



The scenic trail allows you to slowly approach the enchanted site of the Cave of Our Lady and then descend into the gorge, where you can explore the 3 dark millennia-old caves.


The gorge and the caves

The gorge is geologically diverse to explore and includes the Green Cave of Our Lady and the gorge, where three caves carved by the Cosa stream can be visited freely and safely.


Safe and for all

This evocative trail that leads to the discovery of many natural wonders and geological interest is within everyone’s reach because it is suitable for visiting and equipped with steps and walkways that also allow you to reach the bottom of the gorge.

The gorge, the route, the duration


The Pradis Caves ticket office is the starting point for visiting the entire area via the scenic loop trail. Taking it to the left and then proceeding clockwise, one has the opportunity to look at the gorge from a vantage point, immersing oneself more and more in nature. At this point, the path takes the visitor to the entrance of the Grotto of Our Lady and to the steps to descend into the ravine over the Cosa stream.


The entrance to the Orrido is located in front of the entrance to the Grotta della Madonna; 207 steps allow you to descend to the 31 m level and freely visit the canyon. Here, several branches lead to viewpoints, a grove, a small waterfall and three surprising caves.

The gorge is the richest part of the trail, and you can stop to admire the geomorphology of the caves. The terrain here is rocky in places and, in some places, slippery, but it is still passable with ease and suitable even for young children.


A full visit to Pradis Caves takes just under an hour from the ticket office, but the area is so beautiful and varied that one cannot help but stop longer to discover its beauty and take a few photographs.

The caves that can be visited and the museum


The Green Cave of Our Lady can be visited in about 10 minutes and is a spectacular sight. The small entrance under the magnificent stone vault leads into the large cavern that, thanks to strategically set up artificial lighting, reveals its every nook and cranny. At the bottom of the cave is a statue of Our Lady, a small altar and votive candles.


The green caves are acomplex of karst cavities of varying extent and depth, positioned at several levels along the gorge that has been carved out over thousands of years by the erosive action of the waters of the Cosa stream. The gorge can be easily visited thanks to the steps that were set up in the 1960s that allow you to descend to the level of the three caves connected to it, Gercie’s Andris, Andri scur, and Andri blanc.


By visiting the Cave Museum, about two hundred meters from the entrance to the Pradis Caves, one can find out all the information about the nature of the caves and the finds that have been made there, including discovering that Neanderthals lived in the caves.

Opening hours and ticket prices


Pradis Caves are open only in the temperate months. Indicatively,
in April
are open on holidays;
in May
, on Sundays;
in June
, on weekends;
in July
, with an increase in days until opening on all days of the week
from mid-July to early September
. From here on, the caves open only on weekends until November 1. From April until November 1, the caves are also open on religious holidays and national holidays. At Christmas, Mass is celebrated in the Grotto of Our Lady.


The opening hours of Pradis Caves are variable depending on the days they are open and the light. Generally, the gates open
from 10-11 am until 6 pm in the afternoon.

Because of this flexibility of days and times, we recommend that you always make sure the Caves are open by looking at the official website, which is always updated, or by contacting the Visitor Center, which decides on closure in case of bad weather.


The unit ticket price is €4.5; €3 for concessions.

getting there and parking

From Clauzetto, continue for about 4.5 km until you reach Pradis di Sotto. Pradis Caves are clearly marked.

Leave your car in the convenient parking lot on the provincial road. Parking is free of charge. Near the parking lot, there is also a picnic area, with tables and benches scattered in the woods. Ideal for a picnic lunch before or after visiting the caves.


The estimated duration of the visit is 50 minutes, but it is recommended to consider a somewhat longer time frame, especially to explore the gorge at leisure, which is beautiful and different in every season.

Pradis Caves are open only in the more temperate months. Opening days and hours vary by period. The official website of the Caves specifically states.

Absolutely. The trail is suitable for children, but appropriate footwear is recommended, due to some slippery sections, and bring a sweatshirt or light jacket for the entrance to the Cave of Our Lady.

Contact the Visitor Center

Through this section you can contact the visitor center directly. Remember that with this form you will contact the ecomuseum association directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

For information:

Municipality of Clauzetto
Via Giacomo Fabricio, 10
33090, Clauzetto (PN)

For guided tours:

Lis Aganis Association, Friulian Dolomites Ecomuseum APS

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