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Lago di Cavazzo

Walking, kayaking, beach, sports and relaxation

About this place

Lake Cavazzo, also known as Lake of the Three Municipalities, is the largest lake in Friuli Venezia Giulia and, at 2250 meters in length, washes the villages of Cavazzo Carnico, Trasaghis and Bordano. The lake, which is glacial in origin, is swimmable and its calm waters allow for a variety of water activities, as well as accommodating many species of fish or lake fauna.

A curiosity, these waters are so welcoming that, in the early 1970s, they hosted the Atlantis Project, in which 12 people lived for about a month underwater at a depth of 17 meters, with the aim of creating an underwater facility.

Why visit it


Relaxation and sports

The visitor finds himself immersed in nature, in the quiet environment of the lake, which, however, is made equally lively by the many water and non-water activities. These range from canoeing to windsurfing and from hiking to fishing, or you can organize a nice barbecue with a lake view.


The tour of the lake

The route around the lake is a loop that runs on paved road and dirt path. The route is suitable for everyone and is also very practical for cycling. The views of the lake are enhanced by the presence of tree-shaded rest areas and the Viewpoint.


Family activities

Cavazzo Lake is a relaxing environment that is also suitable for young children, perfect for escaping the summer heat with your family, enjoying the coolness in the shade, resting on benches, swimming or renting a pedal boat.

Tour of the lake of the 3 municipalities

Walk around the lake

The walk around the lake is very picturesque and it is rewarding to do it either on foot or by bicycle. The route, about 8 km long, is simple and suitable for everyone, including children. From the parking lot, proceed counterclockwise keeping the lake on your left. All along the way, you will encounter signage explaining the history of the basin and presenting the species of flora and fauna that live there.

Shortly after the parking lot you come across the Visitor Center, which is open during the summer, and as you continue, among benches and picnic areas, small springs and rivulets, you come across a viewpoint, a monument, and a beautiful reedbed where fish and bird species nest. The road is partly dirt and partly paved because the route joins SR512 passing under the pylons of the highway viaduct. Back near the parking lot there is also a nice playground.

One lake, many activities!

Kayaking, beach, barbecue and camping

There are many nature trails on Lake Cavazzo and throughout the surrounding area. The tour of the lake can be done on foot or by bicycle, and there are several bicycle routes in the surrounding area. The lake is beautiful and accessible in all seasons, and the variety of colors it is tinged with in each is unmissable.
The lake’s clear, placid waters are perfect for a nice swim, and the small beaches on its shores are ideal places for sunbathing. In addition, fishing can also be done in the lake.
A variety of water sports, such as boating, windsurfing or sailing, can be practiced on the lake, as well as renting a boat or pedal boat for a refreshing family break.
The Visitor Center allows guests to learn about the special features of the lake and the surrounding nature area, providing all the information about the local animal species and flora.
The lake has plenty of rest and picnic areas where you can relax in the shade of trees. There are also barbecue stations for enthusiasts.
A small, quiet campground is located on the west shore of the lake. The location with access to the lake is strategic and the campsite is well organized. For those seeking more comfort, the campground offers Glamping Pods, modern, fully equipped cottages.

Rest stops

Restaurants and bars on the lake

Lake Cavazzo bathes the three municipalities of Cavazzo Carnico, Trasaghis, and Bordano, consequently the choice of bars, restaurants, and typical trattorias is certainly rich.

For those who do not want to stray far, there are several bars near the lake, one of which is not far from the parking lot. Those who want a cool drink with a lake view will find a bar overlooking its very waters.

It is also possible to rent pedal boats here to admire the lake and landscape from a different point of view.

getting there and parking

From the Gemona highway exit, follow the signs to the hamlet of Interneppo. You can park without difficulty in the large parking lot near the Pizzeria la Darsena Restaurant. During the summer period, parking is charged.


It is so named because it is located between the three municipalities of Cavazzo Carnico, Trasaghis and Bordano.

Yes, there are both tree-shaded rest areas, picnic areas, and barbecue areas.

Yes, there is a nice playground for children near the parking lot.

Contact the Tolmezzo tourist office

If you have any questions or concerns about the lake, its activities and services, please contact the Tolmezzo tourist office directly. Remember that with this form you will contact the tourism office directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary, does not handle responses, and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Tolmezzo Tourist Office
Via della Vittoria, 4 – 33028 Tolmezzo (UD)

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