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Waterfalls of Sappada

The hidden waterfalls in the village

About this place

The 15 small waterfalls are located in a narrow gorge carved by the Mühlbach stream, whose waters start from below the Olbe Lakes and run fast and rushing all the way to Sappada. To admire them, one follows the flow of the stream in reverse by crossing the narrow and steep canyon. One of the special features is that, thanks to the winding course of the canyon, the small waterfalls are uncovered little by little, until, at the end of the trail, we reach the main waterfall, which, with a 20-meter drop, produces a thunderous sound and creates a subtle cool mist in the air. The path along the gorge is also very impressive in the evening and can be visited in the summer when it is illuminated until 11 pm.

Why visit


Walking from Sappada

The 15 waterfalls are well hidden near the Little Museum of the Great War in the Mühlbach hamlet in Sappada. After the short trail that follows the waterfalls, one watches in disbelief as the 20-meter waterfall hides in the gorge.


The gorge to cross

The trail that follows the small waterfalls is located in a winding canyon that is discovered a little at a time as we proceed along a path in the rock between small bridges, wooden footbridges, steps and paved sections.


Easy route

The waterfall trail is easy and suitable for everyone. The duration is 20 minutes and no training is needed, just a little attention to where you put your feet. The trail is also suitable for young children who will discover the natural environment by following the watercourse.

Parking and route

In Sappada park near the bridge over Rio Mühlbach, in the village of the same name. On foot, past the wooden footbridge, near the Little Museum of the Great War a sign indicates the beginning of the trail. The route takes about 20 minutes, is easy and suitable for everyone, including children, but not wheelchairs. It runs over bridges, wooden footbridges and paved or unpaved sections. Hiking boots are recommended as the road runs on a rocky surface and can be wet and slippery. From June 15 to September 15, it is also possible to admire the waterfalls in the evening as the path is illuminated until 11 pm.

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