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Lago di Bordano

The hidden pond

About this place

The unfortunately aborted project to create a natural oasis in the municipality of Bordano gave rise to this artificial lake, concealed to the north of the village. This is a lake that few people know about because it is often confused with Cavazzo Lake.

Residents of the village habitually visit it and also some tourists seeking peace and tranquility. The lake is not equipped for tourism, partly because it is home to numerous plant and animal species, including many varieties of insects, which can be observed in late spring.

The landscape seems captured from a snapshot, the clear waters are still, the trees form a backdrop along with the mountains, and insects buzz among the bushes.

Why visit it


Ideal for picnics

Lake Bordano is a place of peace and quiet, ideal for a picnic, but being part of a nature project, it is not equipped. Visitors should leave it clean and use the village facilities.


The path of the ponds

The Tour of the Ponds is a 4.3-kilometer, signposted trail that can be done either on foot or by bike and that passes through the Butterfly House, the village, and the lake, where there are spaces suitable for picnics.


The country of Bordano

The small town of Bordano is a must-see destination for those visiting Friuli Venezia Giulia. Homes and public buildings are decorated with murals with nature themes by painters from around the world.


The butterfly village

The bustling village is frescoed with as many as 153 murals made on the walls of houses, mostly representing butterflies, and is also home to the famous Butterfly House. This is the largest project in Italy and one of the most important in Europe of natural habitat recreated by man. The House is open to the public and visitors can literally walk among thousands of butterflies. More than 400 species of lepidoptera breed there, living in three distinct tropical ecosystems: Amazonian, African, and Indo-Australian.

Getting there

Bordano Lake is located about 2 km from the town of Bordano, but is not marked on maps. To reach it, follow the provincial road SP36 southward, drive past the village and turn left at the “Alle Sorgenti” restaurant. From here, continue on the dirt road to the lake.


Lake Bordano is often confused with Lake Cavazzo or Lake of the Three Municipalities, but it is located in a valley 2 km from Lake Cavazzo, next to the town of Bordano.

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