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Castello di Buttrio

Historic castle and hotel among the vineyards

About this place

The beautiful historic home in the heart of the eastern hills stands out in the vineyard-covered rural landscape. The castle has been home to many generations of nobility and since 1994 has been home to the Felluga family, which produces its own wine and looks after the hospitality of what has become a hotel in the peace of the hills. Alessandra Felluga, the owner, and her three daughters are in love with this area and prove it, not only in the care of the castle, but of all its lands: old vines have been recovered and regained their vigor and new ones have been planted. The castle today is a natural oasis where you can relax and taste Friulian flavors. Moreover, from the top of the hill on which the castle stands, the view of the Friulian plain is unparalleled.

Why visit it


Historic home

Buttrio’s original castle, later destroyed, dates back to the 11th century. The mansion was rebuilt in the 1700s and has a long history of remodeling due to disputes over its rule and the succession of many noble families.


Hotel and restaurant

Sleeping in a castle is an unforgettable experience, even more so by staying in one of the two towers. Attached to the castle is also an inn, which serves revisited traditional dishes and home-made wine.


Escape among the vines

For those who want to forget the stress of daily life and relax in the midst of nature, the tranquil location amidst the vineyards and the warm welcome given to guests are ideal.

Panorama of hills and vineyards

Among the rolling hills covered with vineyards of the “Friuli Colli Orientali” territory, the Pampinutta hill stands out, which houses Buttrio Castle on its top. From here the view of the vineyards and the Friulian plain is spectacular. Whether you look out from the restaurant terrace, the pool, or any of the rooms the fascinating view of the rows of vines and the countryside is assured.

The castle gardens

The fairy-tale atmosphere of the castle is made even more vivid by the lush parkland. Centuries-old trees and a monumental mulberry tree watch over the castle; the green lawn is dotted with decorative plants that burst with color in the spring; amidst the greenery stands out the blue eye of a swimming pool, which directly overlooks the vineyards below.

The interiors and halls

The beautifully restored castle and mansion house the hotel. The halls recall a refined country style with Art Nouveau elements, all fused harmoniously. One room among many overlooks a rooftop terrace, and a large fireplace burns in the main hall. Part of the castle is the 14th-century church of Saints Gervasius and Protasius, which also hosts weddings.

Castle towers: a fairy tale experience


The view from the castle is magnificent, but it is even more so from the square tower. Passing through the relaxation lounge on the ground floor, one ascends to a living room; from its large windows and terrace one can enjoy the view of the garden and surrounding vineyards.


To feel like a real castellan you can choose to spend the night in one of the rooms on the crenellated tower. The rooms overlook the rows of vines and the view sweeps over the Buttrio hills. The building dates back to the 17th century, but is perfectly restored while retaining the original friezes and battlements. The rooms are furnished in country chic style.

The Inn Restaurant


Buttrio is a “city of wine,” and at La Locanda al Castello you can savor the grapes of this land while indulging in an aperitif or having lunch on the panoramic terrace. The uniqueness of this land is also transposed into the dishes of typical Friulian cuisine revisited. The inn is part of the Buttrio Castle complex.


In addition to 35 seats inside in front of the fireplace, the inn has 40 seats outside on a magnificent panoramic terrace from which the view sweeps over the vineyards and the Friulian plain.

Services, tours and tastings


The hotel is open year-round. It has 15 rooms, including 3 in the towers. Guests have full access to the garden, small sauna, yoga room, fitness room and swimming pool. There are 10 bicycles freely available for guests to explore the surrounding area.


In addition to the Castle Hotel, it is possible to stay at the “Tra le Vigne” farmhouse, which is located on the slopes of Pampinutta Hill. The farmhouse has 5 rooms and offers bed and breakfast service.


The Inn at the Castle is open daily except Mondays from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm.


Buttrio Castle organizes several tasting routes of the wine it produces in its rows. The tastings are not for the exclusive use of hotel guests, but can be booked by anyone who wants to visit the winery. Alternatively, you can experience picnicking in the green hills, sitting on a blanket, with a wicker basket full of local specialties and a wine from the castle’s wine cellar.


The castle is used for events, including corporate or private events, and for weddings, which can be held in the small church.

Approach and parking

The paved road up to the Castle has gentle slopes and passes between hills and rows of vines. The Castle has two parking lots, one for restaurant guests and a secure parking lot for hotel guests.

Contact Buttrio Castle

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Buttrio Castle Hotel

9, Elisabetta Morpurgo Street
33042 Buttrio UD – Italy

Agricultural Society
Castello di Buttrio

5 Via Del Pozzo
33042 Buttrio UD – Italy

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