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Il Forte di Osoppo

Museum and national monument

About this place

The Osoppo Fort is a vast and interesting open-air museum and archaeological complex. This is a perfect half-day hike, perhaps as a family, as it is suitable for everyone. It is advisable to go there on a nice sunny day because the fort boasts a beautiful viewing terrace from which to admire the valley below and the Tagliamento River. The visit, in fact, cannot be considered only from a cultural point of view but also as an opportunity to spend a few hours in the open air breathing the clean air on the hilltop.

Why visit it


The view from the hill

The long viewing terrace and podium with belvedere provide a vantage point from which to admire the valley. Today, the gaze sweeps over the town of Osoppo, Rivellino Park, and the Tagliamento River, as in ancient times, when enemies were spotted from the hill.


Many things to explore

The Osoppo Fort is quite large and can be visited at a leisurely pace in half a day. Many things can be seen: the ruins of the church, the anti-aircraft battery, the underground tunnels. Not to mention the surrounding landscape and the view from the terrace.


The underground tunnels

A flashlight is required for the visit to the Fort. Why? Because the exploration of underground tunnels cannot be missed. These are a series of tunnels that have remained intact, bearing witness to the Fort’s defensive and offensive system.


The Osoppo Fort has a centuries-long history and has seen the succession of many domains, many soldiers, and many battles. The remains that can be observed start from the pre-Roman age and reach almost to the present day. From the end of the Middle Ages, the Osoppo Fort witnessed the war between the Venetian Republic and the Habsburg Empire, was occupied by France and Austria, and finally, due to its pivotal location, was included in the Upper Tagliamento-Val Fella defense system.

The Fort has a history old and new, and the evidence of these events is there for all to see.

The ruins of the church

Inside the fort, you can visit the remains of a church, the earliest evidence of which dates back to the 13th century. The church was enlarged and restored several times, and its present form dates back to the 17th century. The construction was never completed, and the church, though consecrated, was used by the French as a warehouse a century later. Later, it was bombed and used for military purposes, rebuilt and again destroyed by the earthquake. To date, the church has been rebuilt again, exhibiting its role in history.

The anti-aircraft battery

Thanks to a tourist trail, it is possible to retrace the defensive structure of the fort and, via a recently built footbridge, it is possible to reach 4 cavities dug into the concrete, where the massive cast-iron cannons of the Osoppo South Battery were positioned.

The underground tunnels

The series of underground tunnels built in the early 1900s can be visited, equipped with a flashlight, from the Osoppo South Battery with entrance from the shafts in the gun emplacements. From the emplacements, one descends into the tunnels where one can see the quarters, reserves, and powder rooms, as well as the iron rings used to pull the different elements of the huge cannons that were later assembled in the open.

getting there and parking

From the Center of Osoppo go up the hill via the Napoleonic Road, well marked by a sign; pass the Austrian Gate and then the perimeter wall. Arriving at the top of the hill by car, there is ample free parking.

The climb offers many scenic views and can also be done on foot, parking in downtown Osoppo, or by bike.


The visit to the fort is free of charge. There is payment only for guided tours. Parking is free of charge.

Once a year, on the second weekend of September, “Discovering the Fortress” is organized, an event to discover the fort between history, gastronomy and nature.

The large lawn of the fort has some relaxing chairs placed on the viewing terrace as well as benches. The bar-restaurant “The Fortress” is also present.

The park is freely explorable but some spots, such as underground tunnels, can be dangerous if not approached with proper caution. The responsibility lies with the visitor.

Contact I.A.T. Osoppo

Through this section you can contact the Osoppo tourist office directly. Use it to inquire about services, opening hours, guided tour reservations, and other visit-related information. Explorer FVG does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Osoppo Tourist Office (I.A.T Osoppo)
Napoleon Square, 5
33010 Osoppo (UD)

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