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Forra del Bordaglia

and nature trail

About this place

Along the road leading to Bordaglia Lake is the entrance to the Bordaglia River Gorge Nature Trail, which takes about 20 minutes to walk the entire trail. The small gorge can be visited thanks to the installation, along the entire route, of guardrails to protect the most dangerous points.

Why visit


Short and interesting

The gorge consists of a 200-meter path with an elevation gain of about 60 meters. The visit is short, but the view of the rushing waters is splendid and exciting.


Easily accessible

The gorge is easily accessible from the parking lot near the Goccia di Carnia plant, along the trail to Bordaglia Lake, in about 20 minutes.


Nearby Excursions

This scenic trail is located along the path that reaches the lake and the Bordaglia oasis. The ascent to the lake is rather long, but it passes through forests, pastures, and dairy farms.


The route

The gorge is very interesting morphologically, and “potholes of the giants,” deep erosion pits, and amazing water-polished marbles can be seen. The gorge measures 200 meters and is well equipped with steel cables that facilitate descent/ascent and with fences that mark and secure the best vantage points. The total elevation difference is about 60 meters.

Warning - safety

As with any gorge, extreme care and caution is recommended.
The trail has guards to mark off dangerous areas, but the road surface is dirt, there are many roots, and it can be slippery at times.

Getting there

From Villa Santina take regional road 355 in the direction of Forni Avoltri and, from here, continue until you reach the hamlet of Pierabech, after about 2 kilometers. Follow the signs to the Goccia di Carnia plant and park in the lay-bys along the dirt road at the marble quarry (Pian della Guerra location).

From the parking lot continue along CAI 141 trail; after about 20 minutes you will find the sign for the gorge. At the end there is a choice of returning to the parking lot or continuing to Bordaglia Lake.

Alternatively, the gorge can be reached from the village of Forni Avoltri via a 3.6-km one-way trail with 270 m elevation gain.

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