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Grotta Nuova di Villanova

Explore the hidden secrets of the cave

About this place

The Upper Torre Valley holds a precious secret in its underground: the Villanova Caves, numerous cavities among which the major ones are the Doviza Cave, the Egidio Feruglio Cave, the Vigant Abyss and the New Cave of Villanova.

The latter, equipped for sightseeing, consists of a 9-kilometer underground route and has a peculiar feature: it is a contact cave, that is, formed by two different types of rock, a limestone bench and a Flysch bench, in contact with each other.

All along the way it is amazing to look at these extremely dissimilar rocks that seem to rest on each other. The caving tour concerns a 1.30 or 2.30 min visit, suitable for all and extraordinary.

Why visit


Fascinating and educational

Discovering rocky meanders and visiting an underground cave is a fascinating and evocative experience, as well as an educational one, thanks to the knowledgeable guides who share their knowledge of karst phenomena with visitors.


Adventurous and safe

Descending into the darkness of a cave is not an experience reserved only for experienced cavers. Here, it is achievable by everyone thanks to a route designed for tourism, which allows people to enjoy an adventurous but safe visit.


A unique experience

The Villanova caves are one of the jewels of Friuli, and a visit to the New Cave is an exciting and unique experience. Among the contact caves in Europe, it is the only one that can be visited and has been made safe and accessible to all.

Cave information


The cave can be visited via a safe tourist route suitable for everyone, including children. The entire area is lighted and the downhill areas are equipped with iron ladders.


The Classic tourist route can be lengthened by an additional 500 meters by choosing the Special route:

  • The classic route: from the “Hall of the Pond,” it continues through the “Paradise” branches, the “Magic Corridor,” the “Hall of the Great Landslide,” the “Crystal Corner,” and ends in the “Hall of the Great Gate.” The visiting time is 1.30 min.
  • The extended route: in the Special route, the tour continues beyond the “Hall of the Great Gate” and reaches the spectacular “Queen Margaret Hall.” The visiting time is 2.30 min.

Closed-toe shoes that do not have smooth soles or boots are required for the visit. As for clothing, the temperature in the cave is a constant 11°. This implies that in spring and fall there is not a large temperature range, which in contrast is the case in summer. Clothing should also be appropriate during this period, in which the temperature in the cave is perceived as cold.

The guided tour

Access to the cave is allowed only by guided tour, for safety reasons and to allow the discovery of some of the wonders of this place. In addition to ceilings covered with thousands of spectacular stalactites, there are calcitic flows and concretions of unparalleled beauty. Moreover, as this cave is affected by 2 types of karst forms, the outcomes of the two processes, of the slow corrosion of the limestone and the rapid erosion of the Flysch, can be distinguished. This has created environments that vary at every step, going from concreted rooms to wide galleries and canyons or large halls covered with stalactites, such as the Queen Margaret Hall. The cave tour is extremely rich, and the guide shares with the visitor the hidden secrets of the karst environment. 

Opening hours and ticket prices


Villanova’s New Cave is open only during temperate months: Saturdays and Sundays in June; Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in July; daily in August; Saturdays and Sundays in September; and Sundays in October and November. Days are approximate; exact dates are updated on the website punctually. Visits are organized in the 10:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. time slot.


The cave can only be visited by reservation and for a limited number of people. Reservations can be made by phone, whatsapp or email.


The unit price of the ticket is:

  • 10 euros for the STANDARD tourist route;
  • 18 euros for the SPECIAL tourist route.

Tickets can only be paid on site, in cash.

getting there and parking

The New Cave is located in Lusevera, in the hamlet of Villanova delle Grotte. The well-marked road becomes a bit narrow in the last part.

Free parking is convenient and ample in the vicinity of the box office.


It is necessary and mandatory to wear closed shoes or hiking boots to visit the cave. Sandals, flip-flops or smooth-soled shoes are not allowed.

The cave can be visited even in rainy weather. The visit becomes even more evocative with the sound of rain, intensified by the rumbling inside.

Absolutely. The visit is also suitable for children, who will be fascinated by the environment and the guide’s explanations.

Contact the visitor center

Through this section you can contact the visitor center directly. Explorer FVG does not handle responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

For information:

Villanova tourist information office
Fraz. Villanova delle Grotte 3
33010 Lusevera (UD)

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