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Fontanon di Goriuda

Friuli's most impetuous waterfall

About this place

One of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in Friuli. Part of the water from the Canin massif bursts out of the rock with a spectacular 80-meter drop after numerous underground canyons. You will have the opportunity to feel the force of the water on your skin as it displaces the air mass and generates strong gusts of wind and water mist. A short path also allows walking behind the waterfall, under a rock shelter. A unique experience and definitely a must-see, easy to get to and affordable for everyone.

Why visit it


Water flow rate

The mighty flow of water represents one of the distinctive features of this waterfall. In rainy periods it can reach thousands of liters per second.


easy to reach

It is very close to the parking lot so it allows everyone to reach the waterfall site in no time.


Behind the waterfall

Water misting has eroded the rock behind the waterfall, which is now passable via a short path.

parking and route


In Chiusaforte, follow the signs for Sella Nevea until you reach Val Raccolana. The best parking is at Trattoria al Fontanon, which is also an ideal refreshment stop for before or after hiking.


From the parking lot, after crossing the road on foot, turn left still on the paved road until you see a path to the right. The path is slightly uphill and in about 5 minutes of walking leads to Fontanon. From here, you can walk around and behind the waterfall.

If it pleases you, you can continue your visit by going down the stream for additional glimpses of secondary waterfalls that go deep into the forest.


The resurgence has a cavity, almost completely flooded, of 767 meters.

The cave has been explored and 250 meters are passable during guided tours. In fact, during periods of low rainfall and with prior reservation, cavers accompany small groups of the public inside the resurgence, ascending its cavity. An interesting experience but absolutely forbidden to the unaccompanied public due to the need for the use of technical cave progression equipment and obvious safety reasons.

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