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Lago di Redona

The lake and the sunken village

About this place

Redona or Tramonti Lake is located in the context of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park, a vast protected area of immeasurable beauty, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.

The lake is a magical and timeless place that provides strong emotions at different times of the year, depending on the level of its waters. This is because, since it is a reservoir, it is emptied periodically leaving its mysteries uncovered.

As the water subsides, stone ghosts can be seen resurfacing, the remains of the village of Movada, which, along with the villages of Fleur and Old Redona, was submerged by the waters.

Why visit it


The color of water

The deep green waters of Lake Redona surprise passersby who cannot help but stop and admire it. The color of the water is unusually bright, and the contrast with the clear shores and surrounding forests is striking.


The remains of the sunken village

Contemplating the emerald waters of Lake Redona, at certain times of the year, one experiences the magic of seeing the remains of the village of Movada emerge and be fully admired when the lake is drained.


The dam and the suspension bridge

The domed dam that, in 1952, led to the abandonment of the 3 now-submerged hamlets and the creation of Lake Redona can be seen at Ponte Racli locality while the scenic suspended footbridge can be found going up the lake to Tridis locality.

The artificial lake and the sunken village of Movada

Lake Redona is set like a green jewel in the spectacular scenery of the Friulian Dolomites. It can be admired in its full extent from the scenic road leading to Tramonti di Sotto.

Driving along it, one follows the gentle curves of the lake until the ruins of the village of Movada, which was intentionally submerged following the construction of the dam, emerge from the waters. Arriving, finally, at the viewpoint at Pecol, a hamlet of Tramonti di Sotto, it is possible to look more closely at the remains of the settlement that come back to life as the waters recede in level.

When the lake runs dry, the remains emerge completely, reminding the viewer of the fleeting nature of time and the power of memory. Otherwise, during periods of flooding, these stone skeletons are completely submerged bringing their charms to the depths of the lake.


During dry periods, descending the lake to the ruins is not recommended because of the risk of sudden flooding and the precariousness of the decaying and unsafe structures, which could give way at any time. We strongly advise against it, except in the case of guided tours conducted by accredited guides and with proper precautions and safety equipment. Explorer FVG assumes no responsibility for damage to property or persons resulting from visiting these places.

Other interesting things to see

Lake Redona is located in an exceptional setting, the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park, which is extremely rich in terms of nature and places to explore. The protected area of the park is vast and varied, and the Tramontina Valley, where the lake is located, is a land of discovery.

In addition to the villages of Tramonti di Sopra and Tramonti di Sotto there are more than 100 settlements, consisting of hamlets or individual villas, inhabited or abandoned, many hidden in the woods, and, like a treasure hunt, visitors can try their hand at discovering them.

There are many other hikes in Tramontina Valley, of varying degrees of difficulty, to discover the Meduna River, the other 2 lakes, the
, of the
suspension bridges
and caves.

The Tridis suspension footbridge is located near the lake, and it is very exciting to walk along it while looking at the Meduna from above. Absolutely not to be missed are the Smeraldine Pools , beautiful and pristine natural pools located in Tramonti di Sopra.

getting there and parking

From Meduno take the SS552 to Tramonti di Sotto.

At first, the Racli Bridge Dam is encountered. Skirting the lake after a few kilometers, the ruins come into view, which can be seen up close from the viewing terrace at Pecol, by the Da Febo restaurant, or by walking down the little path that leads from there to the shore.

Continuing north, turn left at Tridis to reach the suspension bridge. The road is closed to traffic. One can park before the barrage and proceed on foot.


Redona Lake is located between the municipalities of Tramonti di Sopra and Tramonti di Sotto. For this reason it is also called Lake of the Sunsets.

It is not predictable to know when the lake is emptied because the discharge is made in relation to the needs of the hydropower plant. In August, the water is used to irrigate the fields, so there is a good chance of finding it running dry. In any case, winter is the season when there is the best chance to see the ruins, but the lake is also splendid in spring when the water is high and, thanks to the large extent of the basin, the view is breathtaking. 

The best spot is in the locality of Pecol, on the panoramic terrace at Da Febo restaurant.

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