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Lago di Cornino

The gem in the griffon vulture reserve

About this place

Friuli Venezia Giulia is an area rich in lakes, but Lake Cornino is so special that it will never be forgotten again. The basin is tiny but shines like a turquoise gem in the hillside area of Forgaria. The colors are outstanding, and whatever the season, the lake is gorgeous and the same. In fact, another peculiarity of this body of water is that it maintains the same temperature of 8/9 °C all year round, as it is fed by underground aquifers, always retaining the same clarity. This Friuli flagship is located in a nature reserve not far from Griffon Park. Dulcis in fundo, visit it at Christmas time and look through the crystal clear water, lying on the bottom of the lake you will see an underwater nativity scene appear.

Why visit it


Intense colors

Going to Cornino Lake you will be surprised by the clarity of the water and its intense colors. The bottom is a carpet of green algae while the rocks are covered with blue algae. These two elements come together as one and make this lake unique.


Short and easy trail

The trail around the lake is a loop that runs on a dirt path suitable for everyone. The route goes around the lake and through a grove. Stretching it a little further, there is the possibility of detouring to follow a section of the Tagliamento River, a choice definitely recommended.



The lake is located within the Cornino Nature Reserve, where the Griffon Vulture Project is implemented to protect these majestic birds of prey, which you can admire up close at the visitor center or see circling in groups above your heads.

Features and route

Cornino Lake is located within the Cornino Nature Reserve, a protected area rich in various animal species, and home to the Griffon Vulture Repopulation Center. A visit to the lake allows, if interested, to visit the Center or participate in some of the activities offered. As for the route around the lake, it is very easy and short. It takes less than an hour to go around the lake, admire it from the viewing platform on the provincial road, encounter tables and benches in the shade of a grove, and, for a stretch, skirt the Tagliamento River. The lucky ones may find themselves walking along the trail admiring the flight of a griffon vulture above their heads.

The Cornino Lake Regional Nature Reserve

The griffon vulture project and the visitor center

In Forgaria, in the Cornino Lake Regional Nature Reserve, the Griffin Project, the first of its kind in Italy, was born. The project aims to protect the griffon vulture through restocking actions and food aid. At present, several colonies of these birds have formed, and the number of individuals ranges from 150 to 200.

The Griffin Project

The Visitor Center allows guests to learn about griffon vultures and the actions put in place to prevent the decline of this species, which is essential in the ecosystem because, being necrophagous and a “scavenger” of the environment, it prevents the spread of diseases. The center is a small theme park, where various animals can be observed, including some griffon vultures that cannot currently be released back into the wild. In addition, you can visit the museum and the feeding point, where free-roaming raptors come to feed.

Free events and tours

In addition to this, the Pavees Cooperative, which manages the reserve, organizes events to raise awareness and promote the area, such as guided tours of the reserve’s environment, conferences, and events for school groups as well as families, such asHalloween in the Reserve, discovering the magical creatures that inhabit the lake and its surroundings.

Participation in events is always free of charge.

Other routes near the lake

View of the cutting edge

In Cornino Nature Reserve, water is a predominant element. The route around the lake, which is well marked on the Visitor Center map, allows for either a short tour around the lake and grove or a long tour, which consists of lengthening the former by skirting the bed of the Tagliamento River. We absolutely recommend this slightly longer route, which allows you to admire a spectacular river landscape shaped by the corrosive capacity of water. The scenery is very striking, characterized by vegetated islands and pebbly bars, and conveys to the viewer a sense of the power of water.

getting there and parking

From Majano, turn right onto Provincial Road 84 towards Cornino. One can park in the parking spaces adjacent to the viewing platform, which, however, are few, or, without difficulty, near the Visitor Center or in the village.


No, the lake is not swimmable and is dangerous. In addition, the temperature is between 8 and 10 degrees.

Yes, along the path around the lake you will find tables with benches in the shade of a grove.

Parking spaces adjacent to the viewing platform are few and often already occupied. Near the Visitor Center or in the village, it is not difficult to find parking.

Contact the Cornino nature reserve visitor center

To visit Cornino Lake, there is no need to contact the visitor center; admission is free and always open. The visitor center can also be visited freely and for free without reservation but only during opening hours. If you would like to contact them for more information about their griffon vulture reintroduction activities, opening hours, group visits or other information, you can use this section.

Remember that with this form you will contact the Cornino Visitor Center directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary, does not handle responses, and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Cornino Regional Nature Reserve
Sompcornino Street, 81
33030 Forgaria nel Friuli (UD)

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