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Lago Volaia

In the mountains, across the border

About this place

From the municipality of Forni Avoltri it is possible to reach Lake Volaia with a walk of just under two hours. The lake, of glacial origin, is located not far from Volaia Pass, which exceeds it in height by only 26 meters. The lake is part of the Carinthian territory, but being on the immediate border with Italy, it is popularly considered among the beauties of Friuli. In any case, its clear waters are easily accessible from Forni Avoltri, proving to be a perfect destination for an outdoor excursion.

Why visit


The landscape

From Volaia Pass, which marks the border between Italy and Austria, the view opens to the spectacular Volaia Lake, which reflects in its clear waters the imposing silhouettes of M. Coglians, M. di Volaia and the Raauchofel peak.


Military posts

The Volaia Trench, a short distance from the lake, has been cleared and recovered, and you can see the tunnels surrounded by barbed wire, a 32-mm gun emplacement and a 42-mm machine gun and cannon emplacement.


Challenging but for everyone

The length of the route from the Tolazzi hut is 2.7 km, with an elevation gain of 580 m. The route, however, is easy and has no technical difficulties; in 1 h 45 min it leads to the shores of the lake.

The 2 shelters of the Volaia

(temporarily closed)

Coming from the Italian side, just before crossing the Volaia Pass you will encounter the Lambertenghi-Romanin refuge, which, unfortunately, is temporarily closed due to renovations. It is hoped that its wonderful viewing terrace will welcome hikers back as soon as possible.


Facendo il giro del lago in senso antiorario, in una decina di minuti, si arriva al rifugio austriaco Wolayersee-Hütte, o Pichl Hütte, la cui vista sul lago è molto suggestiva. The hut provides an excellent place for refreshment after the long hike.

Getting there: the route


The parking lot is that of the Tolazzi refuge in Forni Avoltri. Behind the refuge, the cartroad climbs up to the junction of 2 trails: the first leads to ref. Marinelli, the second to ref. Lambertenghi Romanin and Lake Volaia. Take up the latter.


From the junction you can follow the forest road to the Lambertenghi Romanin hut. The road climbs with a steady gradient and is suitable for less experienced and untrained people. Proceeding at a leisurely pace, the route is suitable for everyone.


This route passes through the forest, cutting the hairpin bends of the forest road. The route is shorter and more direct but the gradient is steeper. The trailhead is marked on the right shortly after the junction to Volaia Lake.

The route, either via forest road or CAI trail, is sun-beaten. It is advisable to equip yourself with appropriate precautions.

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