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Source of the Gorgazzo

The deepest underwater cave in Italy

About this place

The most fitting definition to describe Gorgazzo Spring is the “Liquid Sky” that Marinelli used in 1800. The puddle one is confronted with when visiting Polcenigo is of a color found nowhere else. Light, rocks, and biodiversity have created something small, yet unique and unrepeatable.
The Gorgazzo is a tributary of the Livenza River that flows into an underwater cave, one of the deepest explored in the world. What can be seen is only the mouth of a chimney -222 meters deep.

Why visit


The color of water

Many artists have tried to capture the deep blue and extraordinary transparency of the waters in their paintings. On sunny days, this exceptional clarity makes it possible to see the statue of a Christ, set 9 m deep.


The underwater cave

The cave is the second deepest siphon karst spring in Europe and one of the deepest ever explored in the world. To date, it has been searched to a depth of -222 meters, a length of 440 m.


It can be reached in 5 minutes

The Gorgazzo spring is located three hundred meters from the parking lot and is reached via a dirt road. The whole trip, considering the time spent on photographs, takes no more than half an hour, but it is worth much more.

The story of an exploration


Sorgente del Gorgazzo is the deepest ascending cavity in Italy with a depth of -222 meters and a largely vertical development of 440 meters.


Since the first cave dive in 1964, the final part of the shaft has still not been reached, and exploration of this resurgence is the dream of many divers. The difficulty is caused by depth, narrow passages and strong currents.
The spring was banned from diving for 19 years due to the occurrence of 9 fatal accidents and has been accessible again since 2014. The latest record is by a Polish cave diver, who reached an unbeaten depth of -222 meters in 2019.


This puddle has been a source of curiosity for national and international explorers, but it has also struck the sensibilities of many artists, painters and poets. Giovanni Marinelli’s words excite: “Take the color of emeralds, that of turquoises, those of beryl, throw them into a lapis lazuli bath, so that everything merges and at the same time retains its own originality, and you have that portion of liquid heaven called the Gorgazzo.”

Getting there

The Gorgazzo Spring is located in the municipality of Polcenigo, in the province of Pordenone.
The large free parking lot is about 300 meters from the Spring, which is a 5-minute walk away.


This is an overflow spring, so after rains, the water overflows, creating a stream. So that it does not lose its magic, it is best to visit the puddle in dry periods.

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