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Cason of Lanza

The malga hut with the hut

About this place

Casera Cason di Lanza is located at 1552 m, on the Cason di Lanza Pass, an alpine pass on the slopes of Mount Zermula. It is a somewhat unique malga in that it has a farmhouse and also serves as a lodge. The casera is the ideal end point of countless hikes that can be taken in the area. The farmhouse allows people to rest and eat in indoor or outdoor places, accompanied by the ringing of grazing cows.

Why visit


The Alpine Crossing

The Cason di Lanza Pass is an alpine automotive pass connecting the towns of Paularo, in eastern Carnia, and Pontebba, in the Canal del Ferro. The road is also well known in cycling circles, and many people try their hand at this winding and steeply inclined route, so much so that it has even been tackled in the Giro d’Italia.


Life in the dairy

Cason di Lanza is first and foremost an malga ut, and by having lunch in the farmhouse or staying overnight in the hut, you can savor the smells and rhythms of the dairy. Life here flows according to the timing of milkprocessing, and every day the dairy farmer’s efforts produce cheese, caciotta, ricotta, and butter.


Simple hikes

The malga is located in the Carnic Alps, on the slopes of Mount Zermula, which is a classic peak for trekkers. The area is well known for its equipped trails and via ferratas, but it is also rich in easy trails without technical difficulties and with slight elevation gain. For children, but not only, it is also possible to visit Attila’s Cave.

Landscape and trails

The landscape around the malga is a little different from what one would expect from a dairy. Cason di Lanza is surrounded by pastures, but the area is very distinctive, the terrain is somewhat barren, and among the woods on the ridges stands the imposing, rocky Mount Zermula. The malga boasts a strategic location because it stands on the Cason di Lanza Pass, on the road that connects Paularo to Pontebba, but also because it is the starting point of several climbs and ferrate, or hikes suitable for everyone:

  • Normal route of Mount Zermula
  • Summit of Mount Zermula via the Friendship Via Ferrata
  • Summit of the Zuc della Guardia via the Ferrata degli Alpini
  • Itineraries of the Great War
  • Lomasti Bivouac
  • Saddle of Aip
  • Saddle of Val Dolce
  • Attila’s Cave
  • Smugglers’ Trail
  • Shepherd’s Path
  • Cheese trail
  • Cottage cheese trail

There are also short but interesting mountain bike routes in the area, and the road itself across the Alpine pass is traveled by many cyclists. The casera is also a staging post of the Carnic Traverse.


Cason di Lanza is a very special casera in that it serves the dual function of an malga ut with agritourism and a refuge. The latter has 30 beds divided into 12 rooms.

Opening period

The opening period is roughly from June 1 to October 30 but varies each year, depending on weather conditions and temperatures. It is recommended to check days and times before leaving.

Getting there

The casera can be reached from either Paularo or Pontebba.

  • From Paularo: follow signs to Cason di Lanza Pass and continue for 15 kilometers on paved road. Casera Cason di Lanza is reached after passing malga Ramaz, malga Meledis Bassa and malga Valbertat Bassa.
  • From Pontebba: proceed for 16 kilometers on asphalt road through Studena Bassa and past malga Rio Secco and malga Caserutte.

There is ample and convenient parking on arrival.


This area offers a variety of possibilities. For experienced people and with the specific equipment, canyoning activities can be done. Also on the way, coming from Paularo, is the Forra di Las Calas, a spectacular gorge with vertiginous walls.

The malga has a farmhouse that is open continuously until 7 p.m. to allow hikers to eat at different times when they return from their visits.

The malga pasture is surrounded by pastures, and there are many paths to take, even with young children, to breathe in the fresh mountain air and walk among the cows.

Contact Cason di Lanza

Through this section you can contact Cason di Lanza directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Agritourism Cason di Lanza
33027 Paularo (UD)

Manager: Laura Bombardier

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