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Malga Morareto

The farmhouse and the alpine hut

About this place

Malga Morareto is a beautiful and well-equipped Malga in Collina di Forni Avoltri, in the Upper Degano Valley. The area is well known because Mount Coglians stands there, which, at 2780 m, is the highest in the Carnic Alps and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The hut is easily reached from the Tolazzi hut on foot in 45 min, by mtb/e-bike in 15 min or by car. To reach it on foot, the walk is very pleasant, especially following the detour through the forest. The atmosphere there is very hospitable and the setting is bucolic, with cows and goats grazing freely in the surroundings.

Why visit


Easy to reach

Malga Morareto can be reached by car, but the walk from the Tolazzi refuge is recommended. The trail is very beautiful, passing through the forest and leading to the hut in about 45 minutes.


The little goats

At Malga Morareto, a multitude of baby goats graze freely on the surrounding land. The goats, curious, approach the guests and delight the children.


The cheese store

Products tasted at the farmhouse can be purchased at the commissary to take home the flavors of the alpine pasture: ricotta, butter and cheeses of different ages.


Malga Morareto hosts an agritourism where you can taste Friulian dishes prepared with zero-mile and dairy products from the malga.

The hut has 20 beds divided into 4 rooms. Disposable sheets and towels can be purchased directly at the hut. There are no electrical outlets in the rooms.

Various kinds of dairy products and alpine butter can be purchased in the commissary.

Routes and trails

Malga Morareto boasts a strategic location for making many hikes of different lengths and degrees of difficulty.

In particular, the Marinelli refuge at 2122 m and Mount Coglians at 2780 m are two sought-after and renowned destinations. Volaia Lake, Tolazzi Refuge, Lambertenghi-Romanin Refuge, and the Casera Plumbs loop trail are also recommended.

A colony of marmots has settled near the hut; moving in the direction of the Marinelli hut you can hear their whistles and catch a glimpse of them when they peep out.

From malga Morareto you can watch the athletes of the Relay 3 Refuges Skytrail, an international mountain running race that touches the Tolazzi refuge, the Lambertenghi-Romanin and the Marinelli.

Opening period

Malga Morareto is open daily during the mountain pasture period, roughly from June to September. In May and October, weather permitting, it is open on weekends. The period may vary and it is recommended to check the actual opening before going there.


The farmhouse and services

A simple and welcoming environment is found at Malga Morareto. The newly renovated premises appear fresh and lively, with a typical mountain style. The rooms, which reflect the same traditional style, are also comfortable and bright.

The kitchen offers typical dishes, with zero-mile products and dairy products from the alpine pasture. The menu is rich and diverse, with delicacies of Friulian culture. Freshly made butter and homemade jam can be tasted at breakfast.

Fresh daily dairy products can be purchased at the commissary.


The alpine pasture and the dairy

In this alpine pasture where cows and goats graze freely and approach people curiously, the commissary offers the freshest and highest quality products. The dairy produces cheese, smoked cottage cheese and alpine butter. Not only that, malga Morareto is one of the few malghe where you can taste Formadi Frant, produced by mixing different cheeses, which, after about 40 days of storage, acquires a sweet and spicy flavor, its hallmark.

How to get there and where to park

From Forni Avoltri climb to the
Tolazzi refuge
. From here, you can easily reach the hut by car or on foot. The second option is recommended for the pleasant and easy walk.

  • By car, continue on stabilized road in the direction of the Marinelli hut until you reach the hut.
  • On foot, along the path leading to the Marinelli hut, passing through a path in the middle of the forest, the hut is reached in about 45 minutes with an elevation gain of 325 meters.


The malga can be reached by car, but a walk from the Tolazzi hut that also passes through the forest is recommended.

Yes. Weather permitting, in May and October the alpine hut keeps open on weekends.

Yes, malga Morareto offers overnight accommodation, including double rooms.

Contact Malga Morareto

Through this section you can contact Malga Morareto directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Malga Morareto
Via dei Campi,
33020 Forni Avoltri UD

Manager: Agnese De Prato
“La Meste” by Colmano Vittorio

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