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Malga Cuarnan

A homegrown farmhouse

About this place

Malga Cuarnan is a delightful alpine hut in the Carnic and Julian Pre-Alps, easily accessible to all, loved for the tranquility of the area and the home cooking. The environment is very small, but the managers are very organized, leaving customers full and happy. The staff is friendly and personable and does not skimp on jokes or providing any kind of information.

The malga is not only known for its good food, but also for its prime location for those who want to climb to the top of Mount Cuarnan and reach the Redeemer Church. Upon reaching the top, looking around, one discovers an astounding panorama of the entire Friuli region.

Why visit


A 10-minute walk

This alpine hut is accessible to all as it is only a 10-minute, slightly uphill walk from the parking lot. The trail is unpaved but does not involve difficulty. The walk through the forest is pleasant and refreshing.


Mount cuarnan

From the malga, you can reach the summit of Mount Cuarnan in less than an hour, admire the spectacular view of Friuli and the striking little church of the Redeemer, rebuilt on its own rubble after being destroyed in the 1976 earthquake.


The kitchen

The traditional Friulian cuisine of the farmhouse is highly appreciated. The products are all local or from the alpine pasture. Cottage cheese and cheeses are very tasty and can be purchased. We recommend trying the cold cuts appetizer, a pleasant surprise.


The malga is located in a forest above Gemona, framed by the Julian and Carnic Pre-Alps. The area is verdant and is well known for the wide variety of botanical species found there. Dining outside the alpine hut, one finds oneself immersed in the peaceful environment of the forest where the only noises are the rustling of the trees and the chirping of the birds, interrupted occasionally by the bellowing or bell-ringing of the cattle.

Itineraries and routes

The typical hike from the hut is the summit of Cuarnan Mountain with the Little Church of the Redeemer. In addition, from the malga you can reach Sella Foredôr, from which several CAI trails depart: peak of Mt. Chiampon; Borgo Mulinârs in Val Torre; the village of Montenars by crossing Mt. Cuarnan.
It is recommended to contact the managers for information on feasibility and difficulties that may be encountered on the different routes.

Mountain bikers/e-bikers should note that malga Cuarnan can also be reached by bicycle.


The malga includes an agritourism where you can have lunch with local dishes and products from the malga. Cottage cheese and cheese can also be purchased.

Malga Cuarnan is provided with outdoor seating in the quiet of the forest and indoor seating next to the traditional fogolâr.

Opening period

The farm is open only during the alpine grazing period, roughly from late May to mid-September, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Opening days are variable, as at certain times the alpine hut opens only on weekends. It is recommended to contact the managers for information.

The farmhouse kitchen

The home cooking of the Cuarnan alpine hut surprises all visitors. Dishes are typical of Carnic cuisine and the products used come from the alpine hut or are local. They range from homemade tagliatelle with meat sauce to gnocchi with asparagus, montasio and sausage; from frico to salami with vinegar; from strudel to panna cotta. Delicious by all accounts is the house appetizer with sliced meats and cheeses. Dishes can be enjoyed on tables outside in the tranquility of the woods or in the intimate, cozy setting inside the restaurant warming up around the ever-burning fogolâr.


The Little Church of the Redeemer on the cuarnan

The Little Church on the Cuarnan was built in 1902 to celebrate the beginning of the 20th century of Redemption. The entire population helped erect the church, climbing the mountain with their backs loaded with the building materials. To reach it, take the path between the parking lot and the hut, and in less than an hour you will reach the summit. The trail is not challenging for those accustomed to walking in the mountains, and from the summit the view opens to 360° over Friuli. You can see Mount Ragogna, Cuar, Cjampon, the plain with the Tagliamento, Matajur, and Black Mountain.

Parking and approach

The refuge can be reached from Gemona via a convenient carriageway. The road to be driven on is well-maintained and paved, although it has many sharp bends.

Parking is ample and easy. From here, proceed on foot on a dirt road through the forest, reaching the hut in about 10 minutes. For people who are elderly or unable to tackle the trail, you can contact the hut to ask permission to drive there.
The refuge can also be reached by mtb/e-bike or on foot.


Certainly. The road is paved and well maintained, although very serpentine. Parking is a 10-minute walk away. For people who are elderly or unable to tackle the trail, you can contact the hut to ask permission to drive there.

The summit of Cuarnan can be reached in 45 minutes/1 hour. The climb is not strenuous, but one must be used to walking in the mountains and pay attention especially on hot summer days, as the path is entirely sun beaten. Appropriate clothing and footwear are recommended.

It is difficult to recommend a dish because they are all very good and homemade. Many people praise the cold cuts and cheese appetizer, definitely worth trying.

Contact Malga Cuarnan

Through this section you can contact the Cuarnan Hut directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Alpine farm Cuarnan
Gemona del Friuli (UD)

Manager: Sara Ferragotto

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