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Rifugio of Brazzà

A terrace on the Montasio plateau

About this place

The Giacomo di Brazzà refuge is well known because it is located in the middle of the meadows of the Montasio plateau, one of the most beautiful places in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The plateau is overlooked by the rocks of Jôf di Montasio and Cima di Terrarossa, which loom over the plain, creating a sharp contrast with the green pastures of the valley. The hut is very close to the road and allows easy family visits, but it is also an ideal starting point for hikers who want to try their hand at the trails to the Montasio and Buinz groups.

Why visit it


30 min. from the parking lot

The hut is a short distance from the parking lot, and the road winds along a cart track suitable for everyone. For this reason and because of the possibility of walking on the highland meadows, the refuge is an ideal visit for people who are not used to walking and for children, who will enjoy hours of outdoor recreation and the spectacle of grazing animals.


The Montasio plateau

The Brazzà refuge stands on the Montasio plateau, a vast terrace of glacial origin dedicated to grazing cows and goats. The grassy plateau allows everyone, including children, to take unforgettable walks amidst the greenery, or to embark on the Tour of the malghe, to discover where the world-famous Montasio cheese is produced.


The fauna of Terrarossa

Who would not wish to look closely at a wild animal and study its habits by staying within walking distance of it? Just below the summit of Terrarossa one can admire a multitude of ibex, both adult and young, jumping from rock to rock within a few meters of man, without being the least bit intimidated by it, in fact, observing it in turn.


The Brazzà refuge stands on a grassy spur on the Montasio plateau. The landscape is the bucolic one of livestock grazing on the valley, where the only sounds are the mooing and rattling of cows. Lifting your gaze, however, you are dominated by the rugged Jôf di Montasio and Cima di Terrarossa, which, with the hardness of their limestone structure, create a striking contrast with the meadows below. As we approach the mountains, the landscape changes, and flora and fauna gradually change, and even at a short distance, the country sounds are replaced by the call of marmots, the meadows turn to rock, and the air becomes cooler and thinner.

Itineraries and routes

The Brazzà refuge has a strategic location to reach several peaks, most of them indicated for experienced hikers, as they are exposed and have equipped sections. Among the various ascents or traverses we report: the Jôf di Montasio, Mt. Cimone, the Alta Via Alpi Tarvisiane, the Corsi refuge. To reach the summit of Jôf di Montasio, one can also choose to tackle the impressive Pipan ladder, which hangs sheer from the rock face.

The Terrarossa Peak is also suitable for less experienced people but is still demanding in terms of effort and, in the last section, quite exposed.

The Plateau Walks and the Montasio malghe Tour, on the other hand, are suitable for everyone, particularly children, who will have the opportunity to be outdoors, observe the animals and the life of the hut and the malghe.


The Brazzà refuge has a dining area with 30 seats inside in addition to those on the terrace. The shelter also offers overnight accommodations with 24 beds.

Opening period

It can be visited daily from mid-June to the end of September. Throughout the rest of the year, the hut can be visited on weekends, but only after verification that it is actually open, which is contingent on weather and snowfall. During the Christmas season usually the lodge remains open from December 24 to January 6 and offers the possibility of booking New Year’s Eve dinner with an overnight stay.

Opening times are approximate; contact managers for more precise information.


The Top of Terrarossa

The trail to Cima di Terrarossa is an interesting medium-difficult route from the Montasio Plateau to the summit of this rugged mountain. The hike is challenging, but very rewarding from a scenic point of view, as it winds along the bare rock of the massif, while offering incredible views of the Canin range and the Montasio group. In addition, along the way, visitors are accompanied by the curious gazes of marmots and countless ibexes and watched from above by a multitude of crows.

Local fauna

From the Montasio plateau, on whose green meadows insects swarm and bees buzz, heading toward the mountain slopes, flora and fauna begin to change, ever more abruptly as you gain altitude. The grassy expanse turns into hard rock strewn here and there with the flora typical of the alpine zone of Friuli, bluebells, primroses and rhododendron, which stand out flamboyantly among the stones. The fauna also becomes typically alpine; the area is dotted with marmot burrows, which it is not uncommon to spot watchful and ready to disappear. In addition, numerous colonies of ibex not at all intimidated by human presence have settled on these peaks, so much so that they remain motionless with their young to observe passing hikers.

Getting there

From Sella Nevea go up the narrow, steep asphalt road until you reach the large parking lot on the Montasio plateau. From the parking lot continue on foot along the cartroad, marker 622, which, crossing pastures, leads to the refuge in about half an hour.


The walk from the parking lot takes about 30 minutes and is on an easy cart track. The trail is suitable for everyone, resulting in a pleasant outing for families, even with young children.

The area of the Montasio group and Cima di Terrarossa is populated by numerous ibex colonies. It is very easy to spot and approach them as they are accustomed to human presence.

A pleasant family hike is the malghe Tour, following the signs to Malga Montasio. The trail passes several cheese houses, has no technical difficulties and is about 12 km long.

Contact the shelter in Brazzà

Through this section you can contact the Brazzà shelter directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Brazzà Rifugio
Montasio Plateau – Sella Nevea
33010 Chiusaforte

Manager: Valentina Ceccon

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