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Refuge Grego

The terrace on the Val Saisera

About this place

To enjoy the Saisera Valley forest and the beautiful landscape of the Julian Alps, the Grego hut is the perfect choice. After a one-hour hike from Malga Saisera or a 10-minute walk from Sella Sompdogna, you reach the refuge, where you can stop and enjoy typical Friulian dishes on the panoramic terrace. The scenery is stupendous: the refuge rises above the town of Malborghetto-Valbruna, at 1390 m, and offers a wonderful view of the entire Jôf Fuart and Montasio group.

Why visit it


The panoramic terrace

The view from the panoramic terrace of the Grego hut over the Julian Alps, with Jôf Fuart and Montasio, is unparalleled.


The walk

The route via the 611 trail is very scenic. The road winds through the quiet forest among the tall beech and fir trees.


Saisera Valley

The mountain valley, also renowned for cross-country skiing, offers multiple activities for mountain lovers and many hiking trails.


To fully appreciate the magic of this refuge, it is recommended to start from the Saisera Valley. The walk that takes place in the forest of beech, silver fir and spruce gives a glimpse of what the wonderful forest of the Upper Saisera Valley is all about. Arriving at an altitude of 1390 m, the view of the Jôf Fuart-Montasio range leaves the viewer speechless.

Itineraries and routes

The Grego refuge stands in the middle of the amphitheater of peaks of the Jôf Fuart-Montasio and is the starting point of ascents, ferrate and traverses, including: Jôf di Montasio; Jôf di Sompdogna and war works; Jôf di Miezegnòt; Monte Due Pizzi; Alta Via Alpi Tarvisiane; Via ferrata Amalia al Montasio; Bivacco Stuparich; Bivacco Suringar; Bivacco Mazzeni; Monte Piper.

From the Grego refuge, the Pellarini refuge can also be reached.

In Val Saisera, you can also visit the ruins of the Malborghetto fort, the Resonance Tree Trail, the Great War theme park, and the Saisera Wild Track, among many other excursions.

Opening period

The Grego shelter is open daily from June to September and on weekends in May and October. On winter weekends it opens only in snowy and sunny conditions. The period of operation may vary depending on weather as well as other factors; please contact the operators for updated information.

Services, cooking and accommodation

The shelter has 38 beds, divided into 2 dormitories. The 2-bed winter shelter. The restaurant offers typical Friulian cuisine with some hints of neighboring Austria. In addition to the tables inside there are many more on the terrace overlooking the mountainous amphitheater. The hut can also be visited on some winter weekends, and it is beautiful to reach it with snowshoes or mountaineering skis.

Getting there: the route

The refuge can be reached by 3 routes of different difficulty and length.


At 18 km of paved road from Dogna leave the car in the convenient parking lot at Sella di Sompdogna and reach the refuge in 10 min of easy walking. This route is closed in winter.

CARRARECCIA (1 hr 30 min)

Leave the car in Malga Saisera at parking lot 6, “Ghiaie” (fee). Take the cartroad. The route is about 5 km long, one way, and has an elevation gain of 400 m. The road follows several hairpin bends on asphalt and dirt road and is not difficult.

CAI PATH 611 (Direct – 1 hour)

This route also starts from parking lot 6; it is shorter and more direct but its slope is steeper. The trail goes up through the forest and is definitely the most beautiful.


Certainly. The Grego shelter has 38 beds.

The Grego hut in winter opens on weekends only in snowy conditions and good weather. It is advisable to call to verify its actual opening before going there.

Among the trails starting from Malga Saisera, the most beautiful trail is CAI 611, which passes through the forest; the easiest is the cart track.

Contact Grego Refuge

Through this section you can contact the Grego shelter directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Grego Brothers Refuge
33010 Malborghetto Valbruna

Manager: Renato Ben

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