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Refuge Pordenone

At the roots of the Bell Tower of Val Montanaia

About this place

This refuge stands at the roots of Val Montanaia, surrounded by the Friulian Dolomites, isolated among the mountains and almost lost in time. Pordenone, in fact, can be reached by car via a long road from Cimolais through the wild Dolomites. The facility was expanded in the 1970s, and the welcome is just that of an authentic mountain lodge. For an even “wilder” experience, the lodge has a few treehouses set up nearby, unfurnished and lacking amenities; sleeping bag and night under the stars.

Why visit it


An isolated place

The Pordenone refuge stands at the end of a long road up the Cimoliana Valley. It is nestled in the mountains, far from the built-up area and surrounded only by bivouacs, short to medium distance.


Sleeping and eating

Being reachable by car, the Pordenone hut may be the ideal destination for a mountain lunch and a walk, but, in an area so rich in beauty and exploration, isn’t it worth stopping for the night?


The rock tower

The symbolic tower of the Friulian Dolomites, tiring to reach and difficult to forget. It can also be climbed, as Mauro Corona recalls, “Lucertolando tra gli strapiombi”.


The landscape is that of the raw and wild Friulian Dolomites, unspoiled by man and passable only through paths that have already been explored and secured.

The landscape is rugged, but there is no shortage of green areas, known for the growth of even rare specimens and renowned for the harvesting of the Mugo Pine, used for medicines and loved for its essence.

The entire Cimoliana Valley mirrors the turnover of time. History is written in stone, subject to intense alpine erosion, and whose most spectacular examples are the books of San Daniele, large pages of rock, and the Campanile di Val Montanaia, a dolomite tower of astonishing size.

Itineraries and routes

From the Pordenone hut, many experiences of varying degrees of difficulty, commitment and length, all of which are unique.

  • Ring of the Friulian Dolomites passing through 4 refuges: the Pordenone, the Padova, the Giaf, and the Flaiban-Pacherini.
  • Pussa Refuge.
  • Campanile di Val Montanaia.
  • Viewpoint of the Campanile di Val Montanaia.
  • Cima Both.
  • Brica Ring.
  • Postegae Peaks Ring.
  • Tour of the Casoni.

Mountain bikers can reach the hut by pedaling and, from there, take several trails. The Pordenone also serves as a rental, with prior reservation.

Opening period

It can be visited approximately from mid-June to the end of September. Opening days vary, in some cases the shelter is only open on weekends, so prior contact is necessary to see if it is possible to go there.

The interiors and rooms

The Pordenone shelter has 60 beds, divided into 2 dormitories with 10 and 20 beds, 5 rooms with 4 beds, and 3 rooms with 2 beds. The beds are all bunk beds. You can also stay in the treehouses near the shelter, unfurnished, using a sleeping bag and enjoying the shelter’s services.

The lodge offers food service and it is possible to eat inside or on the outdoor terrace.

MTB rental is provided, with prior reservation.



For those who want to have an alternative experience and more in touch with nature, at the Pordenone hut you can choose to sleep in treehouses. These are two small wooden huts placed near the shelter, bordering the forest.

The platform on which they stand looks out to the refuge on one side and the undergrowth on the other. As a result, those who spend the night there will be able to enjoy the sounds of nature, look out from the back terrace, and peer into the moving forest populated by nocturnal animal life.

The cottages come with two beds, but are also suitable for making a little extra space for younger children. The cottages enjoy, in addition to the services of the shelter, dedicated toilets not far away.


The Bell Tower of Val Montanaia

The Bell Tower of Val Montanaia: “The earth trying to reach the sky.” And it almost makes it, with its soaring 2173 mt. The hike up to the Campanile, although very strenuous, is one among the things that a mountain lover can, not only dream of, but achieve.
From the Pordenone refuge starting early in the day, you can reach the Perugini bivouac, located in front of the Campanile, in 2 h 30/3 h, then descend in 1 h 30/2 h. The hike is strenuous and uncomfortable, steadily climbing up stony scree, but it leads to an unparalleled spectacle: a keep that is made unique because it stands alone, surrounded by the frame of other dolomite spires.

How to get to the shelter

From Cimolais follow the road, at first paved, then dirt, up the Cimoliana Valley. From April to the end of October, access is available upon payment of a fee of 6 euros for cars, 12 euros for caravans, caravans and vans, and 2 euros for motorcycles. Toll revenue is used by the municipality to maintain the road, respecting the nature area.

When you arrive at the parking lot, at the junction for Val Meluzzo, continue on foot along the path that, in 5 minutes, leads to the hut. On weekends in August, the parking lot may be full; in that case you can park your car in the parking lots further away and enjoy a walk in the Cimoliana Valley.


The road is not passable year-round, and the lodge is open from June to September. In addition, the road is often subject to maintenance, as it is particularly susceptible to weathering.

It is advisable to sleep in the mountain hut to fully enjoy the hiking that can be done in the Cimoliana Valley. A nice alternative may be to sleep in treehouses not far away.

Certainly. The hike to the Campanile is challenging but achievable in about 4/5 hours round trip.

Contact Refuge Pordenone

Through this section you can contact the Pordenone shelter directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Pordenone Refuge
Locality Val Cimoliana
33080 Cimolais (PN)

Managers: Marika Freschi, Ivan Da Rios

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