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Rifugio Marinelli

On the slopes of Mount Coglians

About this place

The Marinelli refuge stands at an elevation of 2122 m, nestled in the green Carnia countryside on the slopes of Mount Coglians, the highest peak in Friuli Venezia Giulia and one of the most popular destinations for hikers in the region. This lodge is modern and cozy, and the managers have an emphasis on quality customer service. It is reached in about 1.45 hours of walking from the parking lot of the TolazziRifugio, with an elevation gain of about 760 meters.

Why visit it


The excellent cuisine

It is not common to find a lodge at 2122 m with high-class cuisine that combines flavor with appearance. Fine dining, a meaty yet sophisticated menu whose presentation hints at a high-altitude gourmet restaurant. Between starters, main courses and dessert, there is no shortage of things on the menu.


Attention to detail

The lodge, renovated in 2001, has modern, clean interiors from which the quality and almost hotel-like service shines through. The rooftop terrace, dining room, and rooms are meticulously detailed, with quality standards among the highest among rifugi in the region.


Mount Coglians

At 2780 m high, it is the highest peak in the region and one of the most popular destinations for mountain enthusiasts. Rifugio Marinelli is the ideal stop and start to reach this peak in about 2.30 hours by following trail no. 143.


From the terrace of the Marinelli hut there is a wide and impressive view of the Carnic Alps and the Coglians massif. The surrounding landscape is characterized by the contrast between the verdant grazing meadows and the white limestone rocks of the Coglians.

Itineraries and routes

Several trails and routes depart from and intersect from Marinelli, including:

  • Mount Coglians: trail 143; elevation 2780.
  • Mount Crostis: trail 174; elevation 2250 m.
  • (Equipped) Spinotti trail: trail 145; 2.5 hours-arrive at Lambertenghi-Romanin refuge.
  • Coglians Pillar: trail 143A; elevation 2710 m.

Other routes available. Ask the hut managers for further guidance on routes, difficulty, weather and fitness.


The shelter has 50 beds, restaurant, bathrooms and showers.

Opening period

The shelter is open from June to September and remains closed during the remaining winter months.


Gourmet Cuisine

Going to a hut and finding a breathtaking view is the classic reward for the energy used for the climb. In the case of Rifugio Marinelli, the panoramic view is complemented by high-class cuisine, with attention to detail by chefs who prepare each dish as if it were a work of art. It is uncommon to find such quality at 2122 meters above sea level.

To give you an idea of the sophistication of the courses, the kitchen offers excellent pumpkin orzotto with blueberries, gorgonzola and porcini mushrooms; lasagna with meat and mushrooms; arancini presented as in the best restaurants; and pasticcio with wild herbs, sausage, mushrooms and local cheese. For dessert you can order apple and chocolate cake or, with luck, buckwheat and blueberry cake.


Rooms and interiors of the lodge

The shelter has 50 beds divided into dormitories of 2, 4 and 6. The interior is wooden and very distinctive. The lodge provides bathrooms, showers and 2 dining rooms.


Mount Coglians

Mount Coglians is the main and most famous route that attracts hikers to this area. The mountain is the highest in the region, so much so that it is nicknamed the roof of Friuli Venezia Giulia. From the summit there is a spectacular 360-degree view of the Carnic Alps.

The ascent takes about 2.30/3 hours at a leisurely pace along CAI trail 143. The first part of the route traverses green carpets and grassy saddles and then climbs to the summit at 2780 m continuing through more bare, rocky and exposed scenery. Nature here appears unspoiled and wild. The landscape is rugged and steep. The arrival at the summit is intoxicating. This is a peak for the few.

Getting there

The classic starting point for the Marinelli is the Tolazzi refuge (1350 m), where you can park and prepare for the ascent. After the first section of paved road, take a dirt road following the marker 143.

We cross the forest, streams and pastures, with a climb that becomes steep in the last part, until we catch a glimpse of the hut after about 2 hours of walking and 460 meters of elevation gain.


The refuge is run by Caterina, daughter of Giorgio Tamussin, the historic manager. Caterina used to work as a teacher in kindergartens and elementary schools in Carnia, and now runs the Marinelli Rifugio and, during closed months, the Pura Follia restaurant in Givigliana di Rigolato. As a great mountain lover, he loves Nepal, which he reaches as soon as he can take a break from his busy life.

The refuge was built and opened in 1901. During World War I it was destroyed and later rebuilt in 1921. Major renovations were carried out in 1974 and 2001.

Giovanni Marinelli was a Udine surveyor and alpine cartographer after whom the refuge was named. Among the various initiatives undertaken by Marinelli was the founding of the Friuli Alpine Society.

Contact the Marinelli shelter

Through this section you can contact the Marinelli shelter directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

NOTE: Internet connection is not available in the lodge so during the summer opening period, it is recommended to contact the lodge by phone.

Contact information:

John and Olinto Marinelli Rifugio
Forcella Moraret – Paluzza (UD)

Manager: Caterina Tamussin

For reservations, call at:

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