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Cascata Cadramazzo

The waterfall split in 2

About this place

The Cadramazzo waterfall surprises the visitor with its spectacular 85 m plunge. The water rushes from the top of the rock with a 40 m drop, bounces into a natural pool overflowing impetuously, and then plunges into the crystal-clear pool below. As you approach on foot, you can hear the roar of the waters and, when you get under the waterfall and look at it from below, you feel its force.
The place is accessible to everyone, even families with children, and the short walk allows you to enjoy a rare and wild naturalistic view.

Why visit


You can see it from the cycle path

Travelling along the Alpe Adria cycle route, near the bridge over the old railway, one cannot fail to notice the Cadramazzo waterfall. To enjoy a refreshing break, you can leave your bike and descend a steep path to find yourself at the foot of this majestic waterfall.


2 waterfalls in 1

The Cadramazzo waterfall is 85 m high, but when admiring it from a distance, the viewer has the impression of seeing two separate waterfalls. This is because, after the first jump of 40 m, the water bounces forcefully off the rock and reaches the bottom with a second 45 m jump.


The Waterfall Trail

Chiusaforte is called the ‘Municipality of Waterfalls’, in fact, it has 13, including the Cadramazzo waterfall. To visit them all, you can follow the ‘Waterfall Trail’, many are on the road from Chiusaforte to Sella Nevea, others are a little more hidden.

Parking and approach

From Chiusaforte take the SS13 towards Tarvisio, pass the tunnel and park your car on the right in the large car park.
Walk 100 m, then cross the footbridge following the signs to the waterfall. Take the path to the left. The route takes about 20 minutes.

For cyclists on the Alpe Adria Cycle Route, there is the possibility of approaching the waterfall by leaving the bike and descending a steep path near the bridge over the old railway.

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