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Cascate Gemelle

Pleasant and easy to reach from Faedis

About this place

The short but scenic walk through the forest introduces you to this wild clearing, which is only a few minutes from the road but appears unspoiled. Green is the dominant color, not only for the surrounding landscape, but for the waterfall itself. In fact, the rocks are covered with a thick mossy carpet, and the water slides over them with a brisk effect.

Twin Falls is ideal for a short stop, especially for those passing through, and the bench that has been placed next to the waterfall is perfect for relaxing while watching the water roar over the rocks and flow into the crystal clear pool. The falls can be visited year-round, and with the fall colors, the effect is stunning.

Why visit them


Close to the road

One of the characteristics of this place is the smoothness of the trail that leads to the Twin Falls in just 5 minutes. A short walk in the woods, suitable for everyone, requiring only a little attention when the road surface is made slippery by rains.


Waterfalls and cascades

Water from the Marchiat stream roars down from the top of the rock, sliding over the brecciated bottom and mosses, thus breaking up the water jet into countless small waterfalls. During heavy rains, the stream clearly splits into twin gushes.


A break in the coolness

Although the Twin Falls are very close to the road, stopping at this clearing in the forest, you find yourself in a pristine environment where you can enjoy the coolness while sitting on the bench, taking a rejuvenating break.

Approach and parking

From Faedis head toward Canebola. Pass the fork to Canal di Grivò and continue for about 1 km. Just before the bridge over Rio Marchiat, there is a small clearing on the left where you can park your car. Take the path that is on the bridge, walking for five minutes you will reach the falls.
Alternatively, the falls can be reached from Canal di Grivò by a half-hour walk through the woods following the course of the Costapiana stream.


The pitch is very small and it is not possible to park more than 2/3 vehicles.

The Twin Falls are very close to Faedis and can be reached in 5 minutes by car.

Certainly. The trail is easy and in 5 minutes leads to the falls. Pay attention only to the road surface, which can be slippery due to moisture.

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