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Cascate di Crosis

A place to cool off in summer

About this place

The Crosis waterfalls, named after the dam of the same name on the Torre stream, are located in the Tarcento area and are a popular and popular spot for locals seeking relaxation and refreshment during the summer months. A few small pebble beaches around the water course allow people to stop and sunbathe, listen to the sound of the water and, for those who dare, dive into the cold creek water.

Why visit them


Easy to reach

From the parking lot it takes 5 minutes to reach the waterfall area without difficulty by walking slightly downhill on a dirt road.


The gorge and the dam

Near the waterfall, after crossing the stream, you can approach the gorge on which the dam stands. A picturesque place where it is possible to take a beautiful photo!


A bit of history

The dam was designed by Arturo Malignani and went into operation in 1902. It is built with rocks taken from the area and placed trying to blend with the surrounding natural landscape as much as possible.

The hidden dam

The Crosis Dam, completed in 1902, withstood 2 world wars and the strong 1976 earthquake.

Aesthetically, it was designed to minimize the visual impact on the environment, with a more hidden placement and the use of stones collected from the surrounding environment. To this day, the dam continues its function of power generation.

At its base, the slow flow of water exiting the dam has created an emerald puddle and a small pebble beach that is often frequented by locals during the summertime.


From the town of Ciseriis, just after the Zomeais church, there is a small parking lot. The dirt road to the waterfall is adjacent to the parking lot, and in about a 5-minute walk it leads to the waterfall area.

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