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Cascata di Portis

The waterfall near the bunker

About this place

The so-called Portis waterfall, or the Rio Pissanda waterfall, gushes out rushing not far from the entrance to a bunker of the Works 4 – Ponza, in use during World War II.

The drop of about ten meters cannot be admired all the time; in fact, the brook does not have a constant water flow and tends to dry up. After the rains, the waterfall can be admired in all its beauty, the water spilling over the rocks below creating a transparent pool. In winter, during particularly cold periods, the waterfall freezes and the clearing becomes fairy-like. A curiosity for lovers of the genre, Rio Pissandra is a destination for organized canyoning excursions.

Why visit


Little known

The fascinating waterfall on the outskirts of the historic Friulian town of Venzone, the Pissanda waterfall is located in the hamlet of Portis, hidden at the end of a small path through shrubs and bushes. The waterfall is not known, the trail is hidden, and, as a result, is a sight for few.


For explorers

The waterfall is hidden in the greenery near the village of Portis. The path to reach it passes through brambles and brushwood and no maintenance is done. Visits are reserved for adults with appropriate clothing that can be ruined.


The bunker

Not far from the waterfall, a bunker was built during World War II, and from the waterfall itself, its entrance and loopholes can be seen. The fortification is quite extensive and almost labyrinthine. The bunker is not used for visits.

Portis' bunker

Between 1940 and 1942, a barrage consisting of a series of works built right, left, and center of the Tagliamento River and interacting in crossfire was constructed at Portis.

This bunker is part of Work 4-Ponza, a permanent fortification that was to protect the Italian border from Yugoslavia. The bunker is developed in long corridors overlooking the posts, which at the time were armed with anti-tank and machine-gun pieces, or the dormitories and service rooms.

: The bunker is not used for visits.


The path to the waterfall passes through brambles and brushwood and no maintenance is done. In addition, during periods of drought, water flow may be greatly reduced or absent, as the waterfall is not perennial. Please note that the bunker is not intended for visits.

Parking and approach

Heading from Venzone toward the hamlet of Carnia on Highway 13 Pontebbana, park on Lavaruzza Street, just before Portis Nuova. Continue on the path until you meet the waterfall.

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Non-tourist route

This place is not suitable for solo visitors as it is not a safe route/place.

We do not recommend visiting unless you are accompanied by a guide. Inquire at the nearest tourism infopoint.

Explorer FVG disclaims all liability.

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