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Cascate di Val d'Arzino

The race of waterfalls along the gorge

About this place

The Arzino Falls are a sight not to be missed for those who have a modicum of familiarity with the mountains and with walking on uneven trails. The trail proceeds alongside the stream that descends vigorously through puddles and potholes, jumps and slides over rock. It is amazing how long this succession of waterfalls is: the water picks up speed and slides with torrential character into the gorge it has carved into the rock. All within a vivid forest that guards the Arzino in its run.

Why visit them


The wilderness

The Arzino Valley is one of those places where man has not left indelible marks of his passage, but has coexisted with nature by respecting it. The stream tumbles downstream into the tunnel it has carved, then continues its course on its gravel bed.



In this place there is not just one large waterfall but a spectacular succession of small waterfalls that run through the gorge and seem to chase each other, divide and reunite, foaming down or sliding fast over the rock.


The evocative route

The forest path chases the stream in its rush. You descend along a path through the trees, walking alongside ferns, shrubs and mosses, and the only human element is a wooden guardrail indicating the safest route.

Pathways and parking


From Tolmezzo proceed towards Val d’Arzino and take provincial road SP1. Continuing on, just above the village of Pozzis, there is a sign on the left indicating waterfalls and parking. The road from Pozzis is recommended as the opposite road from Preone is very steep and narrow.


From the parking lot you can walk the entire 7.5 km loop down to Pozzis in 1 h 30 min.


The spring and waterfalls are located at the beginning of the loop, consequently there is the possibility of only covering that stretch in about 40 minutes between descent and ascent.

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