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Cascata di Salino

A waterfall on the outskirts of the village

About this place

The entire surrounding area of the valley of the Chiarsò stream has a special geological conformation that has favored the creation of terraces and jumps where the streams rushing down create striking waterfalls. One of these is the Salino waterfall itself, which, with a drop of nearly 30 meters, creates an amazing natural amphitheater. Accompanying this landscape are rocks with yellowish-red hues, formed about 250 million years ago.

Why visit them


30 meters jump

At 30 meters high, the Salino waterfall is among the highest in Friuli. The water, coming from the Rio Roia, emerges unexpectedly from the rocks surrounded by vegetation, leaving the passerby speechless.


The color of the rocks

The uniqueness of this place also derives from the surrounding werfenian siltstone rocks. Their characteristic reddish-yellowish color blends with the green vegetation composing a picturesque sight.


A waterfall in the village

It is surprising that the waterfall is just outside the village of Salino. After a sharp bend, the waterfall appears in all its glory. Not everyone gets a waterfall outside their front door.


This waterfall is located in Salino, a small town between Arta Terme and Paularo. Once in the village and proceeding in the direction of Trello, after a tight bend the waterfall unexpectedly appears in all its glory. There is a small lay-by below the waterfall where you can park, and with any luck, you will be able to stop and take some photos. There you will find steps that allow you to reach the base of the waterfall.

Spaces for standing are very limited. The clearing right next to the waterfall allows parking for up to 2 cars. Given the low popularity of this waterfall, however, finding a parking space should not be a problem. In the worst case, you can leave your car in the village and walk to the waterfall site.

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