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Waterfall of Kot

The green waterfall

About this place

Kot Falls is a small naturalistic gem. Tucked away in the forest but easily reached by a short walk from the road, they are a suitable destination for all hikers, families and children. An ideal route for a walk in the coolness of the forest, to take some original photos for a short stop for those passing through.

From the road, a winding beaten path runs along a small stream and after about 15-20 minutes of walking leads to the place where the waterfall is revealed in all its charm. If you pay attention, you can see ruins of old mills along the trail that were once powered by the stream’s current. The trail has steps and may be slippery in some sections. A table and benches for a quick stop or picnic can be found halfway along the route.

Approach and parking

The trail to the waterfall is located along the road from San Leonardo to Altana.

Along this road, near a bend, you will see signs indicating the waterfall. You can park along the road in some small plots.

The trail can be walked in about 20 minutes on foot. It presents no difficulty except for a few sections where the stones are made slippery by the moss and moisture in the undergrowth.


The trail is suitable for everyone, even people untrained in walking and accompanied children. The presence of steps and some uneven sections does not allow the use of strollers.

All seasons lend a unique charm to this place. Spring to enjoy the flora and for the surprising water flow of the waterfall. Summer to find refreshment from the heat. Autumn to admire the warm colors of forest foliage. Winter to admire the frozen waterfall.

The trail is not suitable for bicycles as it is particularly narrow and has some steps and terracing in the second part that are not suitable for two-wheeled travel.

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